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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1921-22       (November 1921 - November 1922)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-21

Election: all 3 re-elected, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: William Forrest French, elected 1919, Senior Bailie; Robert Davis, elected 1920; John Thomson Young, elected 1921. Ward 2: Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1920; Charles William Buik, elected 1920; Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1921, Junior Bailie. Ward 3: James Coutts, elected 1913, Provost; James Barry Robb, elected 1920; Francis Ingram Oakley, elected 1921.
? Relax building regulations for William Mackay, Lorneville, for house in Union Street, 7' at top of window, not 7'6'' - agreed.
Enquiry to consider extension of Burgh at south and west of ward 3.
First 4 tenants in East Newport housing (from mid-December): David Thomson Kay, 1 Wellpark Terrace; Edward Morgan, 4 St Phillans Place; Mrs Williamina Bruce, c/o O'Hare, 7 Robert Street; Robert Anderson Stewart, Thornbank. Opening ceremony 14 December.
Telephone Cottages, Wormit: footpath from street is unsatisfactory.
An additional feu has been given off at Bay Road - ?make up road?
?Let the Wormit housing site as a playing field for Wormit School? - not at present.
Price of milk: 10d. per quart (8d. in Dundee).
Volunteer War Memorial has been erected in the porch at the Blyth Hall (to those members of the Newport Volunteer Company who had fallen in the recent war).
Wormit Farm cottar houses: as there is now a new sewer, they should drain into it (these were converted to form a 4-apartment cottage).
Mackay, Lorneville: his Union Place house is not to be relet as a stable after Whitsunday 1922. No housing certificate can be granted until the stable is removed.
Shore footpath at Craighead: damage by high tide - ?whose responsibility is it to repair the wall?
Write to government to progress the Newburgh Road, Wormit housing. Government reply - 'not now'.
January 1922. East Newport housing: the 4-roomed tenants already allocated to be charged from 1 January 1922. 3-roomed houses ready end February: 1. Frank Noakes, c/o Miss Keay, Hawthorn Cottage, West Newport; 2. T Wallace, Cupar Road; 3. Robert Methven, c/o Miss Thompson, Hazel Cottage, West Newport; 4. Robert H G Jack, Harp Cottage. 4-roomed houses ready early May: 1. John Ross, Meldrum Square; 2. John Russel, 4 Alma Terrace; 3. George Robertson, Dundee; 4. W J Allan, Scroggieside. Numbering of the houses in this above order, Struan Street and Kilgask Street, south to north.
Enlarged Wormit reservoir due to be completed by March 1922.
1 house (closing order made in 1921) - consideration to being changed into a private garage.
16 applications for new buildings to Dean of Guild Court.
? Putting green, 9-hole, in park? - No.
Out of 202 burghs in Scotland, only 22 had rates lower than Newport.
East Newport housing: 1 tenant didn't want his house (4-roomed). Lewis Cameron, Fisher Cottage to replace him.
Fence between scheme and Mr Pairman's property - £50.
Burgh workmen's wages reduced by 6/- per week. Officials' wages altered as well.
Newport & Forgan War Memorial: unveiling at 2.30 pm 2nd September 1922.
Roof at electric station: 'again before the committee. Write to the proprietors.'
Move light at Miss Crichton's shop to nearer Tighnavon - i.e. opposite the brae at Tighnavon to light the brae better.
Roof at electric station was required to be covered with incombustible material - no notice taken of letters; Council has no powers as it is not a new building.
Council to take possession of ground between Wormit tennis courts and the station footpath, west of the access to the station footpath, for a recreation ground. Rent £20 per annum.
Retiring: Councillors French, Wilson and Coutts.
31 October 1922. Wormit electric light: complaint form J G Belford, Mr Waddell and Mr Davidson, all Wormit. The electric light is very far from satisfactory. Can Council help to complain to Board of Trade? Council has no representations to Board of Trade but will forward the matter to the Electricity Commissioners.

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