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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1922-23       (November 1922 - November 1923)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-22

Election of Parish Councillors: Ward 1: William F French, Taybank; James Husband, Lyndhurst; William Mackay, Lorneville. Ward 2: James Mackay Latto, Tay Street; Charles Watson Mitchell, The Firs; James Young, Taycliffe. Ward 3: James Gibson Belford, Tayside; Alexander Johnston, Rowanbank; James Sturrock, Baymount.
Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: William F French, no poll. Ward 2: Garnet Douglas Wilson, Netherfield, 20 Kilnburn Place, 200 votes. Ward 3: George Tudhope, Holmbrae, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: Robert Davis, elected 1920; John Thomson Young, elected 1921, Junior Bailie; William Forrest French, elected 1922. Ward 2: Charles William Buik, elected 1920, Provost; Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1921, Senior Bailie; Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1922. Ward 3: James Barry Robb, elected 1920; Francis Ingram Oakley, elected 1921; George Tudhope, elected 1922.
Extension of gas main at Wormit to meet the needs of new houses being built by Mr Tullis.
The West Toll House, Tayport Road: Dundee Town Council is advertising it for sale at roup. It is immediately east of the gas works. Should Council buy it?
Roof at Wormit electric station: built since 1892 therefore incombustible roofs schedule would apply - sort it out.
Refuse dump: on Mr Arthur's ground at Causewayhead Road to end - ?use of ground at Tayport Road (Henderson, Scotscraig)?
Wormit electric light: letter from Electricity Commissioners in reply to letters of complaint - refer to gas committee for consideration. A deficient supply to Wormit - obligations of the company to supply.
Building plans: J T Young, High Road - frontage to High Road to be line of wall between Chapel House and Trinity Church.
Government considering closing either the 'Mars' or the 'Empress' Training Ships - Council to use influence to keep the 'Mars' open.
March 1923. 'Mars' to be retained - thanks to MP.
Wormit electric light: the company proposed to wind itself up - meeting of the company to be called.
Surveyor's report: 4 x 4-room houses let at December 1921; 4 x 3-rooms at March 1922; 4 x 4-rooms at May 1922. One house subject to a closing order has been made into a garage. 10 new buildings.
Wormit electric: received deputation from consumers.
Newburgh Road: building line - Mrs McLaren's Trustees - 1'6'' inside required distance of 25' from centre of roadway - agreed.
Wormit electric: ? revoke the lighting order by the electricity commissioners? - meeting to be held with Council.
24 April 1923. Wormit electric co. now in liquidation. ? Is Council desirous of acquiring the undertaking? No, not meantime. 2 motions put to Council to consider it.
Consideration of possible feuing of ground near Kirk Road and layout of streets parallel with Kirk Road - Mr Berry to submit plans.
Proposed petrol tank and pump at Collie's garage.
Wormit electric, motions before Council: 1. Purchase plant and supply burgh, starting with Wormit - defeated. 2. Subcommittee to consider supply of electric light and power to the burgh - agreed.
? Widen Boat Road by moving the wall nearer to Trinity Church to make the footpath run in line with footpath at front of J T Young's?
Petrol pump: to be lit by a red light at all times of darkness.
Dump at Tayport Road: not wanted by farmer - therefore to cease.
Wormit electric: notice of revocation of order to supply whole of Wormit / Woodhaven area from 30 June 1923.
14 August 1923. Wormit electric: Council not to exercise its rights to acquire the business / plant of the Tayside Electric Light & Gas Co. Ltd.
Government: Council to withdraw consent for petrol pump at the kerb [does this mean the Council have no say in the matter?]
Wormit electric: under terms of sec. 67B of schedule of Electric Lighting Clauses Act 1899 and sec. D - Council has power to remove the works in any street under their charge. Write to liquidators about removal of poles. Roof of electric company could catch fire from railway sparks - write to liquidators.
Retiring: Davis, Anderson, Robb.
Wormit electric: letter from J F Fleming, Clunie House, 10 September 1923 - proposed to form a limited company of consumers to continue to provide electric light in Wormit without a provisional order. Before this, can the Council give goodwill not to remove poles, to purchase the assets if the Council wish to supply electricity themselves, and meantime oppose any other party trying to compete with them?
9 October 1923. Wormit electric: Motion to do the above 3 things. Considerable discussion and representations. Council couldn't bind itself but looks favourably at the efforts of the committee to provide electricity for Wormit.
Disposal of refuse: Laverock Law quarry would be good, but Berry wouldn't allow it. He offered Northfield quarry and the Canons.
Two houses being erected at Kirk Road between Forgan Street and Bridge Street - need a sewer along Kirk Road.
? Putting green at park - No - because a private putting green was to be put in field at Station Road.
Newport Miniature Rifle Club to be wound up. Council to be given the rifle club structure.

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