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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1923-24       (November 1923 - November 1924)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-23

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Robert Davis, Norbay, no poll. Ward 2: Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, Dunalastair, no poll. Ward 3: James Barry Robb, Whinhurst, 265 votes.
Council: Ward 1: John Thomson Young, elected 1921, Senior Bailie; William Forrest French, elected 1922; Robert Davis, elected 1923. Ward 2: Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1922, Junior Bailie; Charles William Buik, elected 1920, Provost; Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1923. Ward 3: Francis Ingram Oakley, elected 1921; George Tudhope, elected 1922; James Barry Robb, elected 1923.
Milk licences (for sterilised milk from sealed bottles): G P Barrie, Albert Street, Dundee; Alex. Young, grocer, Union Street; Thomas Roger & Sons, grocers, High Street; Mrs Burnett, Robert Street.
Possibility of road bridge across the Tay - form a watching committee.
Various likely places for a dump: Northfield Quarry and the Canons opposite the gasworks - not suitable.
Gully on north side of road immediately opposite the foot of Northfield Road. Berry was agreeable.
December 1923. Death of Daniel Lawson, a former Magistrate of the burgh.
Wormit electric light: cost to install electric light in Burgh of Newport would be £18000 - £20000. Do nothing.
Dump: Canons site is preferable.
Putting green is to be built by private enterprise in Newport, therefore Council will not provide one.
Dump at Canons: low-lying ground down by the shore. 40 poles, working from the road eastwards.
January 1924. New houses at Kirk Road being erected: Allison and Behrens.
Fife Tramways Light & Power Co. proposed to apply to Electricity Commissioners for a special order under the Fife Electric Lighting Order 1911 to include the burgh - deferred. Not to go ahead (by the Council).
Newly-built garage at Boat Road - John T Young.
Wormit Electric Light Co. Ltd.: poles to be erected from east of tennis courts to west of goods entrance to railway station, thence west across homes in Bay Road.
Cast iron ventilating shaft 14' high above the surface of the ground for Bay Road sewer.
List of types of nuisances reported.
Dumps: required to remove from site of dump in field near Tayport Road close by the railway bridge (only used for 1 year) leaving only 1 dump at Flass Road, Woodhaven. Additionally, now have the Canons.
New building: Jean B Sturrock, Kirk Road. New road to run parallel to Kirk Road.
Electric light: reconsidered. Committee to look into supply of whole burgh.
Dairies: J F Caldwell, St Margarets Dairy, James Street.
April 1924. Letter to railway company asking for a station on the main line at Wormit.
Re-numbering Kilnburn Place and Kilnburn Terrace.
Education Authority is feuing ground east of Wormit Primary School.
Post box required at Woodhaven - agreed to.
15 June 1924. 800th anniversary of Forgan Church.
Blyth Hall Transfer Order 1914; Blyth Hall Transfer Order Confirmation Act 1914.
Railway company refuse station on main line at Wormit.
22 July 1924. Housing Act 1923: £75 grants for erection of new private houses. Also loans available.
Price of gas: 4/4d. per 1000 cu. ft.; 4/8d. via slot meters. Gas for motive power: deduct 10%.
August / September 1924. Death of Mrs Kemp.
Rates: 1s 2.5d per £, + 0.5d per £ for Blyth Hall Transfer Order; 8d per £ for roads; 3.5d per £ for public health & housing; 3d per £ for No 1 drainage district; 6d per £ for No 2 drainage district. Payable half by owner, half by occupier, except for occupants of premises less than £4 and lets for less than 1 year which are paid in full by owner.
German guns in front of Blyth Hall - to be removed to the old rifle shed.
Retiring: J T Young, G D Wilson, F I Oakley.
Request for housing subsidy and loan by Mr J Swan Curtis, Elmslea, Wormit for houses to be built at Newburgh Road, Wormit - agreed grant of £75, loan of 75% of value of buildings. Other requests by Mr J Lawson Wallace, bootmaker, Union Street & John Stevenson, engineer, The Terrace - no plans yet.

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