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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1924-25       (November 1924 - November 1925)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-24

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: John Thomson Young, Ashbrook, no poll. Ward 2: Garnet Douglas Wilson, Northfield, 20 Kilnburn Place, no poll. Ward 3: William Ramsay, Ivybank, 271 votes.
Council: Ward 1: William Forrest French, elected 1922; Robert Davis, elected 1923, Junior Bailie; John Thomson Young, elected 1924. Ward 2: Charles William Buik, elected 1920, Provost; Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1923; Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1924, Senior Bailie. Ward 3: George Tudhope, elected 1922; James Barry Robb, elected 1923; William Ramsay, elected 1924.
Woodhaven footpath: complaint.
Crowding of trains: complaint.
Aerial wires: a number erected across streets in the burgh - ? a contravention of the Burgh Police Act 1892?
2 December 1924. Fife Tramway Light & Power Co. Ltd.: this company was advertising its Order would be lodged with Council this week.
Housing subsidy loan: to David Blyth, house to be completed by 15 October 1925.
Fife Electricity Extension Order, 1924: how does it affect the burgh?
Numbering of Kilnburn.
Electricity: ? Any possibility of Dundee supplying the burgh with electricity?
Fife Electricity Extension Order: objections - 1. to lay mains for general supply only in those few streets would be insufficient for Newport Burgh - mains would be required in all arterial roads. 2. shorten the period, e.g. to 20 years, after which the local authority might acquire the undertakings.
Renumbering: Kilnburn Place & Terrace to be known as Kilnburn; 1 - 21 to be used for those presently in Kilnburn Place; Kilnburn House No. 22; numbering on north side commencing at No. 23, Mrs Whalley's, and proceeding upwards.
? Telephone kiosk at Wormit?
Wormit recreation ground: Education Authority now had 10 year lease of ground east of Wormit school for playing field. Council to give £10 per annum for 5 years for public use of the field.
? Widen the road at Duncraig?
Refuse dumps: at Canons and Flass Road - refuse dumped on piece of ground for use of the farmer - not satisfactory.
15 new building warrants; 16 alterations warrants.
Housing subsidy applications: John Wallace, bootmaker, East Newport and John Stevenson, engineer, Terrace, West Newport - cottage-type dwellings at Newburgh Road - granted.
? New dumps at West Newport (railway) and Wormit (Birkhill)?
Nameplate for Kilnburn should be placed on Misses Moir's premises.
Wormit dump: ground behind the old military camp at Wormit - suitable for next 50 years - road access into it - plan.
21 July 1925. Tayside Electric Co: request from the secretary for permission for poles in footpaths for overhead electric wires. Council - no more overhead wires, put them underground. Some present overhead wires not in good order. Any put up by the company without permission to be taken down.
Place of public refreshment: John Keith junior, confectioner, Longcraig - always had been a place of refreshment and had a communicating door between shop and adjoining home. Registration granted.
4 August 1925. Fife Electricity Extension Order: still under consideration.
Telephone posts at Bay Road - this was a private road and line of road had not been definitely fixed.
Overhead wires: Tayside Electric Co ask Council to reconsider. Council - yes, if you give us a map with proposed poles and wires, and if you get a report from a Board of Trade inspector as to whether or not the present overhead wires meet with BoT regulations, and remedy any defects if found.
Letter from Ministry of Transport - ? any progress in numbering the various highways in the burgh?
1 September 1925. Wormit dump: agreement about use of land on Wormit Hill as dump.
Fife Electricity Extension Order: Promoters intend to go throughout the burgh.
29 September 1925. Tay Road Bridge: consent of Council to erection by Harbour Engineer of poles at Woodhaven to give a line for the boring operations presently being undertaken.
Wormit overhead electric lines: map and letter; agreed to poles in Bay Road.
Kirk Road quarry: used as a dump previously, now full.
House subsidy: Mr Swan Curtis, Newburgh Road.
Retiring: French, Buik, Tudhope.
Wormit overhead electricity wires: Tayside Electric Co. now only waiting for Misses Wedderspoon's consent. For other extensions, no crossings of roads required, except for Stevenson / Wallace at Newburgh Road - put in underground cable across the main road. Council still want a report on the whole wiring system.
Smell at gully: Carseview, Tay Street - Mr H Betsworth.

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