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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1925-26       (November 1925 - November 1926)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-25

Election of Parish Councillors: Ward 1: William Forrest French; James Husband, Lyndhurst; William Mackay, Lorneville. Ward 2: James Mackay Latto, Tay Street; Charles Watson Mitchell, The Firs, West Newport; James Young, Taycliffe. Ward 3: Edwin Watson Christie, Ashdene, Bay Road; Alexander Johnstone, Rowanbank, Wormit; James Sturrock, Westfield, Wormit.
Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: William Forrest French, no poll. Ward 2: Charles McCulloch, Woodhaven, 281 votes. Ward 3: George Tudhope, Holmbrae, Wormit, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: Robert Davis, elected 1923, Senior Bailie; John Thomson Young, elected 1924; William Forrest French, elected 1925. Ward 2: Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1923; Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1924; Charles McCulloch, elected 1925. Ward 3: James Barry Robb, elected 1923, Provost; William Ramsay, elected 1924; George Tudhope, elected 1925, Junior Bailie.
Wormit overhead electric cables: Miss Wedderspoon objected; another arrangement probably arrived at.
Fife Electricity Order: objections to be heard at North British Hotel, Edinburgh on Wednesday 9 December 1925.
Telephone kiosk at Wormit: not justified by expected receipts.
Widening of Kirk Road: brought up at Councillor McCulloch's election meeting - ?cut down the shrubs at the side? (also at corner of Bay Road / Newburgh Road on railway ground).
David Smith, architect, Wormit for Wallace / Stevenson house.
Housing subsidy: J Swan Curtis - signed trust deed. House to be sold.
Electricity Order: Council, having got changes to compulsory mains to be laid, dropped their opposition.
Wormit overhead electric lines: one or two had fallen recently. Still no report. Secretary of the Tayside Electric Co hadn't got a report yet, hoped to have it soon.
Nuisance (smell) at Wormit, outside Collie's garage and Wormit electric station. Samples taken - sulphuretted hydrogen arising from the electric company.
Proposed feuing at Bay Road.
Housing loan: Blyth, Newburgh Road, Wormit, £296-5-0.
Wormit overhead electric wires: sub-committee to meet Mr Lockhart.
Nuisance: Electric company to try treatment with oxide of iron (J F Fleming, secretary of the Wormit Electric Lighting Co.)
Special Constable: James Barry Robb, Provost.
March 1926. Death of Frederick G Kemp.
List of numbers of tenants sharing sinks, toilets, etc.
Wormit Hill dump: high altitude - high fence around it and road built to it. Still need another dump at Woodhaven.
17 new building permits, 7 alterations.
Condition of right-of-way at Scroggieside.
Wormit overhead electric wires: report states wiring is OK, subject to renewal of the lightning arrestors.
Gowrie Wood: Mr Edwards entering his stable via the woods instead of using the proper entrance.
April 1926. Fife Electricity Order: Electric Commissioners have granted the order by the Fife Tramway Light & Power Co.
Nuisance: suction gas plant is causing the problem. Oxide of iron had removed the obnoxious odour but coal gas odour cannot be eliminated.
Coal emergency orders.
Special constables: Robert Berry, Chesterhill; Alexander Brown Duncan, master printer, Struan Place; J F Fleming, solicitor, Clunie House, Wormit; A Ian Macquoid, Bay Road; Frederick Sturrock, hardware merchant, Hazelwood, Wormit; Alexander Dickie Forrest, warehouseman, Balmore; plus 5 more pages of them, including a list of current ones.
Bus stances.
Wormit overhead electric wires: Wormit Electric Co make an application to cross Bay Road to supply Mr Hartley's house on north. OK if pole in Mr Hartley's ground. This permission is not to be a precedent.
Newport park: must be kept in better condition (including the rockery at the pavilion).
Bus stances: railway company won't allow stances on service road to Wormit station.
Wormit overhead electric wires: Mr Collie's connection.
Temperance poll to be held on first Tuesday in November at request of Newport No-Licence Association. (Later decided against it.)
8 July 1926. Electricity Order: to be submitted to Ministry of Transport.
J T Young's buildings at High Road / Boat Road.
Proposed telegraph post at St Phillan's Lane: can't get permission from anyone to put it in their garden - not to go ahead.
Retiring: Davis, Anderson, Ramsay.
Price of gas rose considerably.
Tenants: Mr Morgan gave up tenancy at Martinmas. Advertise for replacement - Mr Lowe.
?Take over footpath from Wormit Post Office east to the march stone at the foot of the steps leading south?

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