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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1926-27       (November 1926 - November 1927)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-26

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Alexander Henderson Smith, 353 votes. Ward 2: George Scrymgeour, Cadzow, no poll. Ward 3: William Ramsay, Ivybank, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: John Thomson Young, elected 1924; William Forrest French, elected 1925; Alexander Henderson Smith, elected 1926. Ward 2: Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1924; Charles McCulloch, elected 1925; George Scrymgeour, elected 1926. Ward 3: James Barry Robb, elected 1923, Provost; George Tudhope, elected 1925, Senior Bailie; William Ramsay, elected 1926, Junior Bailie.
New street at Wormit - request from Birkhill - leading south from Mount Stewart Road - not to form a cul-de-sac.
Water supply: If it is cut off, there is 5 days' supply at Wormit reservoir; and the pump at Wormit and the supply it draws from are available at 48 hours' notice.
Alterations / additions at Newport School: use of Blyth Hall as temporary measure.
December 1926. Fire at Wormit Post Office.
Special constables: resignations of R Dickson Jones, Tighreich, and Donald G Jack, Newton Park.
Education authority not going to use Blyth Hall.
Telephone pole - at Prospect Terrace.
Widening of entrance of street at Kirk Road.
Death of F E Scott, deputy town clerk.
Ash bins to be insisted on to replace ash pits.
Wormit electric: smell again.
3 dumps at Flass Road discontinued. Ground to be put in condition for agricultural use (Woodhaven Farm).
20 new building warrants, 16 extensions.
? Take over the braes between Ashcliffe and Fishers Cottage - dead / dying trees, magnificent view.
New tenant: J B Campbell.
Wormit electric: existing underground cable at Hillpark Terrace.
Petrol licence applications: Charles Lawrence Simpson, motor cycle agent, High Street - an underground tank in Granary Lane and petrol pump in west boundary wall of High Street immediately above the tank - No.
Braes at Woodhaven: try to proceed in the same way as for East Newport.
Dumps at Flass Road: Council has removed debris not able to be used on farm land.
June 1927. Omnibus licences: (1) W Chris Smith, Central Garage, Cupar: Cupar & Newport service : FG2301, FG640, FG1774, SP7989. (2) C M Grant & Sons, Cupar: Cupar & Newport : AP9490, SP8028, FG166. (3) A Grant, Cupar Arms: Cupar & Newport: SP4634. (4) Sidney Fuller, 41 High Street, Newburgh: Newburgh & Newport: FG1765, FG3144, ES6583, FG2389, SP7947, XX3822. (5) Houston & Sons, Windygates: Cupar & Newport : turned down.
Reorganisation of burgh staff: new foreman, Walker to remain in employ of Council.
Old Pier: dangerous. Berry to carry out work to protect the public from danger. ?Council to buy old pier, ground, houses and buildings in vicinity?
J Armstrong Barry appointed deputy town clerk.
Woodhaven braes: Council to take control Whitsunday 1927 and yearly management thereof thereafter, between Ashcliffe and Fishers Cottage.
New burgh foreman: Andrew Craig.
Report on rights of way [no further mention]. Shore path at East Newport: report back on condition. Scroggieside (from Newburgh Road to the beach at Scroggieside): agreement dated November 1897 - for use of the public.
Permission to lay water pipe in Forgan Street.
October 1927. Death of ex-Bailie A M Anderson.
Retiring: J T Young, G D Wilson, G Tudhope.
? Lamp at Telephone Row, Wormit?
Road extension to Mount Stewart Road: problems over levels with Viewmount Road.

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