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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1928-29       (November 1928 - November 1929)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-28

Parish Council: Ward 1: W F French, Taybank; J Husband, Lyndhurst; D McPherson, Seacraig, Tay Street. Ward 2: J M Latto, Tay Street; C W Mitchell, The Firs; J Young, Taycliffe. Ward 3: E W Christie, Ashdene, Bay Road; A Johnston, Rowanbank; J Sturrock, Westfield.
Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: William Forrest French, no poll. Ward 2: John Davidson, Norwood, no poll. Ward 3: James Barry Robb, Whinhurst, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: Alexander Henderson Smith, elected 1926; John Thomson Young, elected 1927, Senior Bailie; William Forrest French, elected 1928, Provost. Ward 2: George Scrymgeour, elected 1926, Junior Bailie; Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1927; John Davidson, elected 1928. Ward 3: William Ramsay, elected 1926; George Tudhope, elected 1927; James Barry Robb, elected 1928.
There was a vote between Councillors French and Young for Provost. Councillor French won.
Application by James Moodie, trading as C L Simpson, to store calcium carbide at his workshop in High Street.
Building of house for John A Leng.
Old Pier subjects: deferred meantime.
December 1928. Death of ex-councillor Davis.
Electricity Provisional Order: still no progress towards Newport. Fife Electric Power Co. were in breach of their obligations. Electricity commissioners are taking up the matter.
Smell at drain at Tayside Electric again.
February 1929. Death of ex-Provost Robertson, Wormit.
Tayside Electric: underground cable to Henry Johnston's workshop at Bay Road.
Derby Lane and Sylvan Lane: ? public lanes under control of Council? What about their condition? [No further mention.]
Electricity Provisional Order: Fife Electric Power had authorised extension to Newport - too indefinite - should have been done by 31 December 1928. Write to Secretary of State.
Smithy Brae Lane: right of way. Ground adjoining it was being feued. ? How wide was the lane to be? 15'.
Bus licences: a 'pointsman' at Kilnburn / Cupar Road junction.
May 1929. Electricity Provisional Order: anticipated in Newport in advance of the next lighting season.
17 new buildings; 5 alterations.
Fife Electric Power Co: intention to lay underground cables; a 12000 volt transmission line to Wormit; low pressure through Newport & Wormit by next lighting season.
New Council housing scheme proposed: ?'Mars' garden / Craighead Farm / Waterstone Park?
New Council housing: Gordon & Scrymgeour, Dundee to be architects.
Ex-provosts lamps: to be maintained by the Council, paintwork same as ordinary lamps. If ornamental work is wanted, it is to be paid for as an extra by the ex-provost.
A house at Woodhaven, condemned some years ago, still being occupied.
Mrs Elsie Cameron: refreshment licence in Boat Road (J T Young, proprietor).
Insanitary conditions at 2 William Street.
Speed boat licence granted to Kenneth Grant Campbell, Tayport, using the Newport Boating Club slip for embarking / disembarking passengers - only if the boat is satisfactory.
Canopy for J T Young's premises at Boat Road.
? A station at Woodhaven?
Condition of Cuthberts Brae, Scotswood Terrace and Kirk Road (between Bridge Street and West Station).
July 1929. Woodhaven house: no trace in minutes of St Fort's house (Mrs Thomson, occupier) being condemned.
Cameron, Kilgask Street terminating tenancy of house.
Resignation of Thomas Brown as Hallkeeper and Burgh Officer.
1929 housing scheme: 12 houses on 1.25 acres previously used as vegetable gardens for the 'Mars' : 1 block of 4 x 3-apartment houses, 2 blocks of 4 x 2-apartment houses. Approximate cost £345 (3-apartment) and £320 (2-apartment). Ground offered at 2/6d. per pole.
Kilgask Street tenancy: David W Rollo, 4 Robertson Place.
New hallkeeper: John K Leslie, Woodhaven Terrace (born 19 February 1889).
? Widening of Boat Road by taking ground on north side owned by Trustees (from Ferry Pier eastwards for 400') and ground in river?
September 1929. 'Mars' hospital building is for sale - no action by Council.
Government don't want 2-apartment houses to be built.
No hot water supply in hallkeeper's house or Blyth Hall.
Retiring: Smith, Scrymgeour, Ramsay. Resignation of J T Young as senior bailie.
Eadie's Brae [Adie's Brae]: laying of road material at request and cost of Misses Just.
Mars Gardens: plans for 5 blocks of 4 houses (1 of 2-apartments), but only 3 blocks of 3-apartments to be built meantime. Mr Scrymgeour, architect, cost about £350 per house.

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