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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1931-32       (November 1931 - November 1932)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-31

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Frank Howard Fairweather, Woodriffe Terrace, no poll. Ward 2: Thomas Mitchell, Ellenmount, Castle Brae, no poll. Ward 3: George Rain Little, Taybank, Bay Road, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: David McPherson, elected 1930; John Thomson Young, elected 1930, Provost; Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1931. Ward 2: George Scrymgeour, elected 1929, Junior Bailie; George Peattie, elected 1930; Thomas Mitchell, elected 1931. Ward 3: William Ramsay, elected 1929; George Tudhope, elected 1930, Senior Bailie; George Rain Little, elected 1931.
J T Young was elected Provost in March 1931 only until November 1931, at which point he was re-elected for a full term. He is the first provost who has been born in Newport.
Fife Electric Power Co: laid electricity cable in Castle Brae.
Appeal by David Y Johnstone, bus owner, Tayport to Ministry of Transport to be allowed to convey through passengers from Newport to St Andrews via Tayport - supported by Council.
Provosts' and ex-Provosts' Lamps: late Provost French - lamp to be removed, no ex-Provost's lamp to be put up; ex-Provost Forrest - lamp removed; ex-Provost Leitch - remove lamp and put ordinary street lamp there as one was needed; ex-Provost Robertson - is the lamp Council property or not? remove and substitute an ordinary lamp if it is Council property [later found to be Council property]; Provost Young - instead of the usual Provost's lamp, put up 2 of the ex-Provosts' lamps.
Fence at Tom Duncan's house: unsafe. Boards used to patch it up.
Castle Brae nameplate: reads 'Castle Road' - this is not right and is to be altered to read 'Castle Brae'.
Tom Duncan's house: letter from agents for the superiors of the property that they may convey it to the Council.
What to do with the single previous Provost's lamp?
Overhead wires at Wormit: map of revised layout by the Fife Electric Power Co at Wormit - to be substituted for the original plan in submission to Ministry of Transport. Council are happy with this.
December 1931. Assessment appeals allowed for poverty: Mrs A Horsburgh, St Phillans House, roll no. 235; Mrs David Fenton, Old Granary, 264; Mrs Mary Traill, James Square, 299; Mrs Dyce, James Square, 306; Mrs James Reid, James Square, 307; Mrs J Carscadden, Robert Street, 505; Miss Anna Gordon, Meldrum Square, 507; Miss C Scott, Meldrum Square, 510; Mrs R H Jack, Struan Street (half), 521; Miss L Reid, Royal Buildings, 549; Mrs Jane Clark, Union Terrace, 656; Mrs Mary Moncur, Union Street, 673.
Assessment appeals allowed for poverty: Mrs Nance Kay, Union Street, roll no. 678; Mrs Jane McKellar, Union Street, 676; Mrs Bayne, Gas Works Lane, 789; Mrs Ann Hogg, Waterston Crook, 912; Mrs Margaret Haynes, Woodend (half), 994; Mrs M Brighton, Woodfield, 1132; Agnes Taylor, Woodhaven Terrace, 1357; John Maitland, Meldrum Square, 330.
Dump at Canons: soon to be exhausted - see Mr Berry.
January 1932. Overhead wires at Wormit: Ministry of Transport gives permission to Fife Electric Power Co to erect lines along routes shown as lodged with Minister, 3 December 1931.
Building grant to Mr Cowie on condition that house (at Wormit) is built by 30 September 1932.
Crossing at Walnut Cottage (and others, unspecified) not put back into good state of repair by Fife Electric Power Co.
No decision on use of Provost's lamp; lantern and standard to be carefully preserved meantime.
Burgh surveyor's report: Ward 1 - 13 WCs each serving 2 tenants; 13 WCs each serving 3 tenants; 2 WCs each serving 4 tenants; 3 WCs for a total use of 8 tenants; 3 WCs for total use of 10 tenants. Ward 2 - 7 WCs each serving 2 tenants; 7 WCs each serving 3 tenants. Ward 3: 13 WCs each serving 2 tenants.
Houses without inside water supplies: Ward 1 - 5 sinks for use of 15 tenants (in tenements and are situated in sculleries entering off landings of internal staircase); 4 sinks outside but quite near to houses each serving 2 tenants; 1 sink outside but quite near to house serving 1 tenant. Ward 2 - 3 sinks outside but near, serving 2 tenants. Ward 3 - 1 sink outside but near, serving 2 tenants; 1 sink outside but near, serving 1 tenant.
No dry closets or privy middens.
A proprietor improved the locality by taking down undesirable dilapidated stables etc., built a new boundary wall to enclose the site and also built a new wash-house including laying out a nice bleaching green for the tenants.
Footpaths: no longer insisting on granolithic before adopting them, but will accept tarmac instead. Norwood is the first tarmac footpath to be adopted. Granolithic would have been £50 more expensive.
Overhead wires: at Scotswood Terrace.
Specification for Norwood footpath.
Tom Duncan's house: takeover by Council would serve no useful purpose to the burgh - take no further steps.
1 March 1932. Complaint from many Wormit consumers about the charge made by the Electric Co for the supply of a service cable - not Council business.
Death of Councillor D D McPherson.
Discussions with County Council about Forgan and Vicarsford cemeteries (as assets of former Parish Council of Forgan).
Non-payment by Mr Blyth of loan / interest over house at Wormit.
Election of Councillor Arthur Stewart Cram, 3 Prospect Terrace as interim councillor.
Parking places: ground between Tennis Club and Kirk Road - Berry says OK. ?What about ground behind Newport Hotel? Ask Berry again.
Water trough for horses at the boat [i.e. ferry pier] is in disrepair - to be sorted.
May 1932. Mr Cowie's house almost completed.
Parking: ground at Gas Lane - Berry is agreeable. Discussions.
Ground to the west of Canons may be used as a new dump - go ahead.
Tayport - Wormit bus: changes in timetable not agreeable to residents.
Motor boat licence to Mr A Horsburgh - similar conditions to those of Mr Kenneth Campbell, and if boat certified as satisfactory by Capt. Lynn, Leuchars.
Alfonso & Lizzie Jannetta: licence of premises at Pierhead as place for public refreshment.
Cemeteries now under this Council's Recreation Committee, with a proposed Joint Committee with County &/or St Andrews District Committee.
Gas price to be 3/6d. per 1000 cu. ft. (3/10d. for slot meters).
Application by Mr Don for petrol pump at entrance to Gas Lane.
Damage by ferry to buildings at Pierhead (sometime before 6 September 1932) - could opportunity be taken to provide a bus stance?
Petrol pump: site would be very awkward.
Parking space behind the hotel - good idea - speak to Berry as to price of purchase of ground.
Sunday train service: during summer they stopped at West Newport, in winter they didn't - complain.
Retiring: Cram, Scrymgeour, Ramsay.
Parking space behind hotel: Haggart & Burn Murdoch (agents) suggest only part of the ground is needed by Council - stabling between the hotel and the river (present rental £25) - sell for £700, plus vacant ground valued at 5/- per pole, to be taken on a 25-year lease. Council want all [emphasised] of the subjects.
Valuation Roll: complaints about mistakes in the streets in which various subjects are situated not being correctly stated.

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