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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1933-34       (November 1933 - November 1934)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-33

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Frank H Fairweather, 6 Woodriffe Terrace, no poll. Ward 2: George Peattie, Rockville, Woodmuir Terrace, no poll. Ward 3: George Tudhope, Holmbrae, Hillpark Terrace, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: John Thomson Young, elected 1930, Provost; Arthur S Cram, elected 1932; Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1933. Ward 2: Thomas Mitchell, elected 1931; George Scrymgeour, elected 1932, Senior Bailie; George Peattie, elected 1933, Junior Bailie. Ward 3: George Rain Little, elected 1931; John Wilkie, elected 1932; George Tudhope, elected 1933.
Condition of right-of-way on foreshore at Taygrove.
Building at Wormit which had been used as a public hall would no longer be available for public meetings. ?Council to provide one?
Newport hotel land: hold off until the views of the traffic commissioners are obtained (for bus stance, as a terminal for buses - so no buses down to the pier). Another site in Boat Road was possible. Remit to sub-committee.
Right-of-way at Taygrove: St Andrews District Council will not repair it. ?Council to do it?
Write to Dundee Corporation - ?is the pumping station at Wormit being kept in order for an emergency water supply?
Right-of-way at Taygrove: (1) make up the bit in front of Taygrove; (2) ? move back the fence to allow it to be made up to the burgh boundary? (3) outside the burgh boundary is up to the County Council.
5 April 1934. Death of ex-Provost Charles W Buik, councillor 1911 - 1922 and provost during the last 3 of those years.
Wormit Hall: property known as West Church was not to be sold, so no action required.
1 May 1934. Death of ex-Provost Thomas Roger - joined Council 1896, provost 1902-05.
Bus stances: Boat Road / Smithy site.
Footpath at Taygrove: now in order as far as the burgh boundary.
Burgh workmen: Craig (foreman), McInroy (road roller driver), Findlay, Brunton, Nicoll, Begg, Henderson (motor driver), Walker, Bayne, Leslie (hallkeeper).
Public refreshment licences: Janetta, Pierhead; Janetta, Royal Buildings; Brattesani, High Street (front shop only).
Roadway from Norwood to East Queen Street is private (Berry).
Wormit office: Smith Hood's is too small, use Clydesdale Bank's (for collection of rates).
Newport Pipe Band.
Complaint by John T Young about continued use of bus stances opposite his garage at Boat Road.
Retiring: J T Young, Thomas Mitchell, George Little.
Bus stops. East Newport: to the pier - in Cupar Road opposite the water trough; from the pier - in Cupar Road halfway between Station Road and Victoria Street. West Newport: to the pier - at the lamp-post opposite Crichton's shop; from the pier - opposite the well west of Williamson's shop.
Bus stops. Woodhaven: to the pier - (1) at lamp-post opposite Oakhurst; (2) at lamp-post immediately east of Briarwood; from the pier - (1) 40 yards west of Oakhurst; (2) 20 yards east of Briarwood. Wormit: to the pier - at 10 mph warning sign near Eadie's shop; from the pier - on the opposite side of the road, 20 yards further east; to the pier - on north side of Newburgh Road 20 yards west of Mount Stewart Road; from the pier - on south side of Newburgh Road, 15 yards east of Mount Stewart Road.
The bus stops in West Newport, Woodhaven and Wormit were not fixed due to the fall in usefulness of the service to ratepayers.
Bus stops, Cupar Road: fixed at (1) to the pier - 30 yards west from Kilnburn; (2) from the pier - 30 yards west from Station Road.
Bus stances - part of smithy and also hall and other buildings at Boat Road - consider further.
30 October 1934. Resignation of Councillor Tudhope.

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