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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1934-35       (November 1934 - November 1935)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-34

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Charles Matthews Hunter, Clivemont, Linden Avenue, no poll. Ward 2: Thomas Mitchell, Ellenmount, Castle Brae, no poll. Ward 3: George Rain Little, Taybank, Bay Road, 330 votes; William Ramsay, Ivybank, Hillpark Road, 305 votes.
Council: Ward 1: Arthur S Cram, elected 1932; Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1933; Charles M Hunter, elected 1934. Ward 2: George Scrymgeour, elected 1932, Provost; George Peattie, elected 1933, Senior Bailie; Thomas Mitchell, elected 1934. Ward 3: John Wilkie, Balgonie, Bay Road, elected 1932; George R Little, elected 1934, Junior Bailie; William Ramsay, elected 1934.
Erect Provost's lamp.
Ex-provost Buik: lamp to be removed and replaced by an ordinary one.
Appeals against assessment sustained include: Mrs John Clark, Graham Place, roll no 972; James Brown, The Terrace, 990; Mrs Margaret J Haynes, Woodend, 1041; Agnes Taylor, Woodhaven Terrace, 1385.
New lamps suggested for Telephone Row, Wormit; Hill Crescent and Woodhaven.
December 1934. Insanitary houses - Unfit and not capable of being made so at reasonable expense: Kempstane Cottage, Tay Street; owner - Berry; 1 house; tenant - Johnstone; 4 occupants. Graham Place, Newburgh Road; owner - Charles Graham, Ashcliffe; 7 houses; tenants - Dippie 3 occupants, Cooper 1 occupant, Haynes 1, Miller 3, Clark 3, Leith 1, Will 2. Harris Buildings, Newburgh Road; owner - Arthur B Harris; 2 houses; tenants - D Dowie 9 occupants, Rae 1 occupant. Pluck-ye-Craw, Newburgh Road; owner - Berry; 3 houses; tenants - Mason 2 occupants, Robertson 2, Gray 2. Riverside Cottage, Riverside Lane; owner - Jane Just, Gowanbank; 1 house; tenant - Bisset 8 occupants. Woodhaven; owner - St Fort; 1 house; tenant - Duff 2 occupants. Woodhaven; owner - St Fort; 1 house; tenant - Rae 8 occupants. Woodhaven Cottages, Newburgh Road; owner - St Fort; 2 houses; tenants - Nicoll 5 occupants, McIntyre 5. Meldrum Square, Robert Street; owner - Trustees of Catherine Mather; 7 houses; tenants - Watson 1 occupant, Walker 2, Ramsay 3, McCall 2, Nicoll 3, Scott 3, Steel 2.
Insanitary houses - Unfit but capable of being rendered fit at reasonable expense: Woodhaven Cottages, Newburgh Road; owner - St Fort; 1 house; tenant - Patton.
January 1935. Insanitary houses: Royal Hotel Buildings: defer meantime. Graham Place: issue clearance order. Woodhaven Cottages, Newburgh Road: Patton's - delay meantime. Other properties: proceed under section 16, Housing Scotland Act 1930.
Tenants displaced from insanitary houses could be re-housed in proposed additions to Mars Gardens (1 x 3-roomed block, 1 x 4-roomed block).
Burgh surveyor had made a thorough inspection of every house in the burgh and proposed to make an annual inspection.
Application by Robert R Don, motor engineer, for a petrol pump and underground tank in yard off Boat Road behind the Newport Hotel.
New lighting: employers should be asked to provide lighting at Woodhaven and at Railway Cottages. Council to consider Hill Crescent.
Erection of speed limit signs.
Allow up to £5 to buy the burgh foreman a bicycle.
Bus stances: saga continues. Problems due to traffic at Boat Road. [J T Young had loaned ground for use by the scheme.]
St Fort will provide lighting at cottages at Woodhaven; Hill Crescent - no lighting.
Mr Rankine to supply 10 outdoor seats for the burgh.
Rights-of-way: list to be made.
Insanitary houses. Kempstane & Pluck-ye-Craw: not offered to rebuild. Harris Buildings: only 2 houses are involved, others not affected, therefore closure order. Woodhaven (Duff): ? remain for tenant's lifetime? Woodhaven (others): wouldn't be used until rendered fit. ?Council to purchase? Meldrum Square: reconstruction. Riverside Cottage: not to be used until rendered fit; could be used as boatshed; would be made weather tight.
Steps at top of Sylvan Lane.
J T Young: bus stance proposals for their land at Boat Road had been abandoned owing to the probability of a Tay Road Bridge being built. J T Young therefore couldn't delay any longer their building operations on the vacant ground.
Sites for future building: Laurie's garden, Queen Street and J T Young's property, King Street. ?cost of acquiring?
Re-floor the Blyth Hall - Canadian maple, J M Latto. ?electric light?
Insanitary buildings. Kempstane & Pluck-ye-Craw: demolish. Harris Buildings: closure order. Woodhaven (all of them): demolish. Meldrum Square: work to be done within 6 months. Riverside Cottage: demolish.
Semi-Jubilee Marathon Message: Boys Brigade, 24 April 1935. Provost Scrymgeour was to wish the runners God Speed.
Blyth Hall: lighting - electric v. gas. Use gas but with electric footlights.
April 1935. Westfield Terrace: closed off by purchase of ground north-east of Rhufaada by Mr Lawson. Right to re-open the street if required (and lay down gas, sewer and water pipes).
King Georg's Silver Jubilee Celebrations: sports, parades, entertainments. Fancy dress judges - Mrs Pilkington, Mrs Morrison Dunn, Mrs John T Young and ex-Provost Young. Ministers of the burgh will hold a service in front of the Blyth Hall.
Bathing sheds on East Braes: unsightly. Remove them.
Proposed to make Mount Stewart Road 1-way traffic.
Kirk Road - 'slow speed' warning.
Gas lamp erected at Railway Cottages, Wormit.
Emptying of latrines at Air Force Camp - 6d. per bucket.
Laurie's ground: James Laurie & Son, 72.5 poles at Queen Street, £50. Ex-provost Young's ground: King Street, 63.5 poles, value of premises £625. Purchase Laurie's ground, negotiate Young's.
Necessity for public lavatories between Woodhaven and Wormit, and at High Street, and at East Newport.
April 1935. Burgh Surveyor's report: all rubbish is going to Council's dumps at The Canons and Wormit Hill. Moves to install '1 house, 1 lavatory' and no outside water supplies.
Death of gas manager, John F Black. Appoint Mr Dickson.
Royal Hotel Buildings: too dark passages, no ground attached, unsuitable for present use. Defer meantime.
Retiring: Cram, Peattie, Wilkie.
Damage to ex-provost Coutts' lamp.

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