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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1947-49       (November 1947 - May 1949)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-47

Elected: Ward 1 - Leonard Boath. Ward 2: John Dunn, William Smith. Ward 3: Thomas J Wishart.
Council: Ward 1: Richard L West, elected 1946, junior bailie; Leonard Boath, elected 1947; vacancy. Ward 2: J Douglas Lawson, elected 1945; John Dunn, elected 1947; William Smith, elected 1947. Ward 3: J D M Ross, elected 1945, Provost; R Fyfe Smith, elected 1946; Thomas J Wishart, elected 1947, senior bailie.
Only 1 nominee in ward 1, therefore co-opt Alexander Scott Reid.
Scout sheds: condition of buildings not very satisfactory.
Unsightly condition of ground formerly used as tennis courts at Wormit.
Resignation of Mr Kelly, Burgh Surveyor, on his appointment to Gourock.
Community centre sub-committee: considering using the Liberal Club rooms.
Woodhaven: meeting with Director of Education. Council to consider purchase of whole ground from Fishers Cottage to Woodhaven Farm.
Community centre: use Blyth Hall not Liberal Club.
Woodhaven: if Council cannot purchase the shore between Fishers Cottage and Woodhaven Farm then they shouldn't purchase the scout sheds. Open negotiations with the superiors.
Queen Street housing scheme: requests from 2 tenants to install electric light - agreed.
Woodhaven: St Fort want to lease to Council, not sell. Scouts can't keep it off the open market much longer.
Tay ferries timekeeping: complaints of leaving early. Gates not to be closed until 1 minute after the advertised time.
February 1948. J D Morton appointed Burgh Surveyor.
£45000 cost of a gas pipe across the bridge from Dundee - too expensive.
Woodhaven: Scouts offer the huts for sale at £750. Council to meet them and discuss purchase, including that which belongs to and is used by Mr Belford.
Gas lighting for streets at Craighead scheme (6 lamps).
Naming of streets: Craighead Road and Craighead Crescent.
Woodhaven: superiors not prepared to sell pier or entrance road from the west. Therefore no sale.
Pleasure boat licences to ply from the beach: 'Ann, Tayport' (J Ferrier) & 'Linda' (R Robertson).
Woodhaven: letter from superiors' agents - will consider again.
Fife County Council try to take over the water supply to Newport / Tayport from Dundee. Dundee, Newport & Tayport are all opposed.
Woodhaven: as 'Trustees', cannot give ground to the Council, but want to help the Council as much as possible.
May 1948. Street lighting to be increased to 75% of pre-war levels.
Dr Feketey: proposed laboratory at Kempstane.
Telephone kiosk at Woodhaven: finally approved but may take some time to appear due to shortages.
Pleasure boats: 'Amy' (A Lawrence) & 'Agnes' (J Lorimer).
Mr Lambert has built 2 houses at Bridge Street.
Tenders to demolish Tom Duncan's house.
Builder's yard at Albert Crescent: no county planning permission.
Councillors' interests: Leonard Boath - employee of London & Lancashire Insurance Co.; William Smith - partner in firm of Richard Buist & son, cabinet makers, Commercial Street, Dundee.
Representation of the People Act 1948: moves the Council elections from November 1948 to May 1949 by extending the period of office of the existing councillors.
August 1948. Tom Duncan's house: demolition costs - £88.
Death of ex-bailie Ramsay.
Woodhaven: suggestions for development of the area?
October 1948. Applicants for 30 new houses at Craighead, including A Fearn, 5 Railway Cottages, Wormit; G Macdonald, 7 Railway Cottages; J Bayne, 11 Railway Cottages.
Bus stop at Inverdovat road end - no - but it is within the burgh boundaries so couldn't be used as a request stop by passengers.
Laboratory at Kempstane - refused.
Craighead rents: 4-apartment £36 per annum; 5-apartment £42.
Council responsibility for Wormit war memorial.
Gas: [extended discussion over new gas plant is finally stopped by the near approach of nationalisation.]
[At this time, the Town Council are not the planning authority under the Town & Country Planning Act. ?How does this affect permission for new buildings?]
November 1948. Harris Buildings: a house there is unoccupied and is now closed for habitation.
Go ahead to erect 4 more houses at Craighead.
Craighead farmhouse site not yet built upon, therefore Miss Arthur can stay in it until it needs to be demolished.
Woodhaven: Council offer to buy from St Fort the ground except the joiner's cottage, joiner's workshop, scout hall, Rock House & Fishers Cottage.
Council accept from Councillor Fyfe Smith an engraving of Newport published in 1840 into the possession of the Council for the interests of the community. To be hung on the wall of the Provost's room.
Death of ex-bailie Peattie (1930-41).
Mr Taylor, county planning officer, gives ideas for Woodhaven site & Tom Duncan's site.
Improvements (paths, steps, seats) to the Braes.

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