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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1950-51       (May 1950 - April 1951)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-49

Elected: Ward 1 - Leonard Boath, Osborne Place, King Street. Ward 2: Alexander S Lowson, Rhufaada. Ward 3: John Whiteford, Dunvarlich, Newburgh Road.
Council: Ward 1: Alexander Reid, elected 1949, junior bailie; Richard Lowry West, elected 1949; Leonard Boath, elected 1950. Ward 2: J Douglas Lawson, elected 1945, Provost; John Dunn, elected 1949, senior bailie; Alexander S Lowson, elected 1950. Ward 3: Thomas J Wishart, elected 1947; R Fyfe Smith, elected 1949; John Whiteford, elected 1950.
Poor condition of roadway from Bay Road to Wormit Goods Station - refer to railway company.
Agreed to light the whole burgh by electricity.
?Beacon to show line of telephone cable across the river? No.
Refreshment room: Carlo de Franco, Peddie Street, Dundee for premises at Newburgh Road, Wormit - refreshments, fish, chips, etc. [Could this be West Newport rather than Wormit?]
Pleasure boat licences: Lorimer, Lawrence, Dorward (Broughty Ferry).
August 1950. Return of Provost Lawson from Canada where he had met many old Newportonians.
Kilgask Street extension behind Woodbine Terrace: no roadway or footpath - ask proprietors to provide a tarmac footpath, Council to do the work.
Visit of the Queen, Tuesday 19 September 1950 - from Newburgh via Wormit to Newport.
Street lighting: to be steel (not concrete) standards and mercury (not sodium) lamps.
William Carroll to use 2 rooms entering from Union Street adjoining his shop as temporary (2 years) living accommodation.
Scottish Education Dept. repeatedly refuse to remove the air-raid shelter at Wormit football pitch.
Valuer's report on Scout Hall, and workshop stated to be owned by George Y Pattie.
Mistakes on War Memorial plaque: Douglas E Stein should be Douglas M Stein. Also Mrs T Olsen's first husband, Robert Robertson, had been omitted. Changes to be made.
Street lighting: Tay Street, Cupar Road, High Street, Boat Road, Boat Brae, High Road - 250 watt mercury discharge lamps on 25' steel columns (55 columns + 2 wall brackets = 57). Newburgh Road from High Road to burgh boundary - 80 watt mercury discharge lamps on 15' steel columns (80 columns). Rest of burgh - 100 watt tungsten on existing gas standards (158 swan-necks + 33 extensions). 6 control pillars. Total cost £10000.
Miss Gladys A Bruce is proprietor of old tennis court at Wormit (feu duty £9-1-10d.). Ownership of clubhouse is uncertain. Council to try to take it over.
Ground adjoining Darvel Lodge: Mr Ronald Morton says this could be allotments. Thanks to Mr Morton.
Petition to include Newton Park in the burgh.
Advertise for offers to build 40 new houses at Craighead.
Refreshment room: Mrs Jane S Pattie, Castle Cottage, for premises at Newburgh Road, West Newport.
Control boxes for street lighting: 1. at sub-station, Union Street; 2. foot of Station Road on footpath; 3. top of Boat Brae; 4. sub-station in West Newport; 5. sub-station in Wormit.
Mr Pattie couldn't find other premises to store his boats, engines & tools, therefore he is not prepared to accept the Council's offer to purchase his premises.
February 1951. Council to purchase old Wormit tennis ground and building for use as an open space - £35.
Build a small brick wall at north end of Tom Duncan's property.
Purchase of carrier motor wagon £881-8/-.
Library is now able to open in Blyth Hall.
Burgh extensions: propose adding Newton Park, and ground at Craighead (Miss Pilkington).
? Improvement of Seamills site? [referred to as 'Sea Mill'].
Death of ex-councillor T Ferguson (1940-45).
Retiring: Dunn, Reid, Wishart.
Scouts Hut: 'a conventional irritancy of their feu' - reply requested.
Civil defence: 525 evacuees could be received by burgh.
Craighead scheme to cost £59905-2-8d. for 40 houses.
April 1951. Death of James Allison, Burgh Prosecutor for 54 years.
Tay Ferries: increased charges.
Council is meeting part of cost of re-levelling etc. of Wormit recreation ground.
Woodhaven Pier: still not de-requisitioned by Air Ministry. Scouts will sell to Council, option to lease for 3-5 years.
Annandale Bridge Club: lease of Blyth Hall ante-room (Mr R J Beck).
Resignation of John K Leslie as hallkeeper.

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