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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1951-52       (May 1951 - April 1952)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-50

Elected: Ward 1 - Alexander S Reid. Ward 2: John Dunn. Ward 3: Thomas J Wishart.
Council: Ward 1: Richard Lowry West, elected 1949; Leonard Boath, elected 1950; Alexander Reid, elected 1951, senior bailie. Ward 2: J Douglas Lawson, elected 1945, Provost; Alexander S Lowson, elected 1950, junior bailie; John Dunn, elected 1951. Ward 3: R Fyfe Smith, elected 1949; John Whiteford, elected 1950; Thomas J Wishart, elected 1951.
Newport Quoiting Club: now out of existence. Council will use the trophy (inkstand) presented to the Club by Mr Berry, or donate it to another club in the burgh.
Erection of 2 posts on the Braes at James Street to mark the telephone cables.
Appointment of Charles McLaren as hallkeeper.
Pleasure boat licences.
Congestion at bus stances at Ferry Pier.
Resignation of D M Kilgour as postmaster.
Resignation of Mr Findlay as Council lamplighter after many years of service.
Burgh Surveyor to list unfeued uncultivated land.
August 1951. Air Ministry to derequisition Woodhaven Pier - Council could take over certain buildings on the ground.
September 1951. New Tay ferry boat now in service.
Balmore fete for funds for Blyth Hall kitchen.
Lighting control pillars: 1. Walnut Cottage (Miss Marshall); 2. Abercraig House.
Wormit Bay wall: erected about 1880 by Mr Wedderburn; it collapsed about 40 years ago and was repaired at Birkhill's expense. A right-of-way along this wall and along the braes to Balmerino.
Electric lighting to replace gas in clock at St Thomas' Church.
Formal extension of burgh boundaries begins.
21 December 1951. Council oppose draft Dundee Harbour / Tay Ferries Provisional Order.
County Council's development plan for north-east Fife - contains maps of burgh & written statement.
January 1952. Death of Provost Lawson. Councillor Dunn elected Provost until May. Co-option of Alexander Dickie Forrest, Arnsheen, to fill the vacancy.
Tay Ferries Provisional Order is amended (a reference to Woodhaven), therefore no longer any objections.
Part of Wormit sea wall is built on Naughton Estate. Birkhill deny all liability.
Telephone box & post box put up at Craighead.
Mr Mitchell, gas manager, now with the National Gas Co., moved to Stornoway.
February 1952. Allocation of new Craighead houses.
Exemption from rates: Mission Hall, Kilnburn - exclusively for religious worship.
County draft plan: additional zones for housing - 1. behind Linden Avenue, 2. between the recreation park and the railway at Wormit, 3. behind Newton Park. Council doesn't think these should be housing areas.
Birkhill Estate doesn't want the Wormit farm buildings included inside the burgh boundaries.
Retiring: Forrest, West, Lowson, Whiteford.

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