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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1952-53       (May 1952 - April 1953)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-51

Election: Ward 1 - Richard L West, 570 votes; William Paterson, 1 Craighead Road, 121 votes; West elected. Ward 2: Alexander S Lowson, Alexander D Forrest, no contest. Ward 3: John Whiteford, 414 votes; Arthur Fearn, 26 Craighead Road, 103 votes; Whiteford elected.
Council: Ward 1: Leonard Boath, elected 1950; Alexander S Reid, elected 1951; Richard Lowry West, elected 1952. Ward 2: John Dunn, elected 1951, Provost; Alexander S Lowson, elected 1952, senior bailie; Alexander D Forrest, elected 1952. Ward 3: R Fyfe Smith, elected 1949; Thomas J Wishart, elected 1951; John Whiteford, elected 1952, junior bailie.
Pleasure boat licence: James H Maxwell, Harbour Cottage, Tayport 'Tay Queen'.
? Forming of Woodbine Terrace: householders had recently formed a footpath at the rear - therefore deferred.
Guy ropes to be fitted to the Blyth Hall flagpole.
Other pleasure boat licences.
Difficulties of using a horse-drawn snow plough for footpaths - get an 'Allen'.
Names of streets at second Craighead scheme: Elizabeth Crescent and Northfield Road.
Extension of burgh to Newton Park: street lighting - the wooden poles carrying the overhead electric wires are to be used as lighting standards.
Other lamp-posts to be green with aluminium top.
August 1952. Purchase of Allen motor scythe & snow-plough attachment - £88-8/-.
Wormit Bay sea wall: Wedderburn doesn't admit responsibility or liability, nor does he see the Council's right to ask for repairs, but he will patch it up without prejudicing his future position.
Extension of burgh to Newton Park: interlocutor received August 1952 (enquiry held at Cupar 16 July).
Lamp put up in Scotswood Crescent on the existing overhead pole.
Mr Grierson, Claremont, Wormit: permission to lay up yachts on the ramp at Woodhaven Pier during the winter - 5/- per month per boat.
George Pattie using, and has for some time been using, part of the Boy Scouts premises for garaging, repair & maintenance of motor vehicles in contradiction of terms of feu of 26 February 1932. Council to require them to remove by 31 January 1953.
Coronation: Fife Education Committee to give a gift not exceeding value of 2/- to each school child (having previously declined to give any gift). Blyth Hall to be available for television viewing if required.
December 1952. Allocation of Craighead second scheme houses.
Remand home: Kinbrae was too expensive to reconstruct. What about St Fort House? (Fife CC's architect).
Wormit Tennis Club reformed and takes over the existing courts.
Coronation: sports for schoolchildren, organised by the teachers; television display in Blyth Hall; fancy dress parade from Newton Park through the burgh; tree planting - Girl Guides; church service.
Sanitary condition of Railway Cottages (1952/3 valuation roll numbers 1479 - 1490): all unfit for human habitation and not capable of being economically improved. Demolition Order to be moved.
Coronation: Newport Council to give tins of Cadbury's chocolates to school & pre-school children, also testaments to those at Miss Davidson's school; bus trip for Old Folks; 2 floodlights.
? Post box in Bay Road, west of bridge? Strong winds often prevent residenters from getting to the post office.
House at the Thistle Foundation to be named after the Burgh of Newport, Fife.
Difficulty of getting testaments for Miss Davidson's scholars.
Retiring: Boath, Lowson, Smith.
Air raid warning siren to be mounted on Burgh Chambers.
March 1953. Railway Cottages: demolition order.
Woodhaven Pier: Pattie isn't conducting a business, merely a hobby (although his workshop may have been established for 20 years). Scouts are in process of giving him a title, in breach of an agreement to the Council by Mr Cram & Dr Inglis previously. Move for interim interdict.
Fountain to be erected at Tom Duncan's site.
Lease of the Air-Sea Rescue hut at Woodhaven by RAF Leuchars Canoe Club - rent £1.
Tom Duncan site: name to be changed.
Qualifying exam passes at Newport School are unsatisfactory - consideration by Director of Education.
Woodhaven: nuisance could probably be established, therefore go for irritancy of the feu. Final approach to Mr Cram.
Resignation at the election of Councillor Boath.
Mr Cram set his terms for the final meeting - refused by Council. Therefore go for irritancy of the feu and removal by all parties, feu to be null & void.
Hose allocation: include W Jarvis, 12 Railway Cottages - to Craighead.
Medical Officer of Health to inspect 2 house at The Terrace (Olsen & Arthur).
Burgh Surveyor to report on gap sites.
April 1953. Resignation of Frank H Morrison as Town Clerk (failing health) from 15 July 1953.
Water could not be provided at the level of the public park for toilets.

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