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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1960-61       (May 1960 - April 1961)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-59

Election held in Ward 3: J C F McIntyre v. George Combe
Elected: Ward 1 - William J Smith; Ward 2 - Alex. D Forrest; Ward 3 - J C F McIntyre.
Council: Ward 1: Charles Bowman, elected 1958; A C Newell, elected 1959, Senior Bailie; William J Smith, elected 1960, Junior Bailie.
Ward 2: Robert A Howieson, elected 1958; Alex. Inglis, elected 1959; Alex. D Forrest, elected 1960, Provost.
Ward 3: Ralph Fyfe Smith, elected 1959; James G Soutar, elected 1959; James C F McIntyre, elected 1960.
Provost's lamps: erect at Arnsheen; erect substitute lamp at ex-Provost Wishart's house; move ex-Provost Dunn's to new house at Westcroft.
May 1960. Demolition of Kinbrae.
Lollipop man at Cupar Road.
D. H. & M. B., West Newport - rent of air-raid shelter at Broadhaugh for storage of their canoe - 10/- per annum subject to consent of owner of Broadhaugh.
Offer for purchase of Royal Buildings (2-15 Robert Street), but Town Council might take over whole block to Tay Street if owners paid £500 towards demolition.
Proposed closing order - Royal Buildings - VR nos. 573 - 576.
Temperance Poll - requisition signed by at least 1/10 of electors - Tuesday 13 December 1960.
Wormit refuse dump - given up.
Mars Shed - Wormit & district Ex-Servicemen's Association - need extensive repairs - will they be asked to leave?
High Street - proposed - No Waiting from Granary to Hotel, Limited Waiting from Beatt & Tait's lower shop to the steps; No Waiting from pole at car park in Blyth Street round corner to Beatt & Tait's lower door.
Retiring: Bowman, Howieson & Soutar. Howieson & Soutar to stand again.
Rubbish dump at old quarry, Kirk Road to be burned and let for lock-ups.

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