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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1961-62       (May 1961 - April 1962)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-60

Elected: Ward 1 - Charles Bowman, 3 Union Street; Ward 2 - Robert A Howieson, The Manse; Ward 3 - J Gordon Soutar, Westcroft.
Council: Ward 1: A C Newell, elected 1959, Bailie; William J Smith, elected 1960, Bailie; Charles Bowman, elected 1961;
Ward 2: Alex. Inglis, elected 1959; Alex. D Forrest, elected 1960, Provost; Robert A Howieson, elected 1961.
Ward 3: Ralph Fyfe Smith, elected 1959; James C F McIntyre, elected 1960; James G Soutar, elected 1961.
Widening of High Street.
The Granary - offered £10 for it.
August 1961. Allocation of houses at Kinbrae.
£10 accepted for the Granary.
Division between Wormit & Newport schools.
October 1961. Renaming of streets: Newburgh Road - Kinbrae to Netherlea to become West Road, Netherlea to Woodhaven scheme to become Camperdown Crescent, Woodhaven scheme to Bay Road to become Riverside Road, Bay Road to Wormit Goods Station Road to become Naughton Crescent, the rest to become Kilmany Road. [eventual renaming was slightly different]
Renaming of streets: Gas Lane to become Granary Lane; Lower Woodmuir Terrace to become Woodmuir Crescent; Station Road to become Station Brae; Kerr Street to become Tayview Terrace; Tay Terrace to become Prospect Terrace. [last 2 suggestions didn't happen]
31 October 1961. VR no. 832, Union Street (James Kennedy). Part of stone-built tenement in Union Street : 2 x 4-apartment houses, 1 x 2-apartment house (closed already) & back premises of a shop. Access to this (No. 832) house by a common stair. Closing Order.
VR no. 1145, Hazelbank (R Paterson). Stone-built annexe to Hazel Cottage. Roof tiled. Access by means of the access to the back door of Hazel Cottage. 2 apartments & outside WC (kitchen & bedroom). Closing Order.
Development at The Terrace: 8 x 2-room houses - this would require purchase of part of the common drying green.
Seamills - request for erection of a shop by DECS Co-op - refused - recreational purposes only.
Death of J Armstrong Barry, Depute Town Clerk for 35 years.
Retiring: Newell, Inglis; Fyfe Smith (not seeking re-election).
Tay Road Bridge Joint Board to pay £1000: (1) if Town Council withdraw opposition to TRB order; (2) only if and when the Town Council obtain another recreation park; (3) Town Council assign to TRB joint board their rights in the pavilion at Windmill Park.
Tree in playground at Newport School removed (on Palm Sunday).
Wall at Primrosebank holding up Lower Woodmuir Terrace was in need of repair.

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