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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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596Aberdein, Elizabeth1982Plan
596Aberdein, John1978Plan
896Adam, RobertPlan
827Adamson, Anne1962Plan
827Adamson, David1948Plan
725Adamson, Helen D1960Plan
725Adamson, Joseph S1974Plan
604Adamson, Margaret Murray1967Plan
264Agnew, Elizabeth J S1914Plan
264Agnew, Hilary1913Plan
264Agnew, Mildred Scott1978Plan
90Aitchison, Aggie1896Plan
90Aitchison, JamesPlan
560Aitken, Agnes Steele1947Plan
198Aitken, Eleanor1979Plan
335Aitken, Elizabeth M M1961Plan
198Aitken, James1910Plan
198Aitken, James1979Plan
198Aitken, Jane Isabella1934Plan
189Aitken, Jemima1935Plan
189Aitken, Jessie1918Plan
189Aitken, John1930Plan
189Aitken, John1916Plan
116Aitken, Margaret1985Plan
189Aitken, Robert1911Plan
823Alexander, Alfred1950Plan
823Alexander, BerthaPlan
823Alexander, David1900Plan
823Alexander, Edith1960Plan
823Alexander, Jenny1936Plan
823Alexander, Louisa MPlan
823Alexander, Max1927Plan
823Alexander, Oscar1940Plan
823Alexander, Seigmund1947Plan
638Allan, Alexander1972Plan
515Allan, Kate1987Plan
81Allan, Margaret1935Plan
611Allan, Martha1965Plan
738Allen, AlistairPlan
738Allen, C Headley1983Plan
738Allen, Janet CPlan
738Allen, MartinPlan
544Allison, Barbara Caroline1983Plan
544Allison, Charles Lesslie1953Plan
358Allison, David Millar1956Plan
543Allison, Elizabeth W1942Plan
776Allison, John1918Plan
542Allison, John L1940Plan
776Allison, John M1957Plan
542Allison, Margaret1963Plan

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