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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for H :     There are 165 records.

46Haggart, Janet Wood1935Plan
46Haggart, John Wood1919Plan
46Haggart, Robert1918Plan
46Haggart, Thomas1925Plan
524Haigh, Jemima Anna1961Plan
524Haigh, Walter Charles1949Plan
71Hall, Dorothy1913Plan
505Halliday, Sarah Thomas1982Plan
306Hamilton, Ann1974Plan
363Hamilton, Annie1966Plan
557Hamilton, Barbara C1965Plan
720Hamilton, Helen1971Plan
306Hamilton, Robert McA1953Plan
703Handlon, Joseph1953Plan
593Harley, Dorina Margharitta Andreetti Turner1984Plan
593Harley, Peter1985Plan
682Harnett, Mary Theresa1970Plan
682Harnett, Reginald1956Plan
53Harris, Georgina P1942Plan
855Harris, Margaret BPlan
53Harris, Robert W1954Plan
54Harris, Samuel John1985Plan
401Hart, Louise Jean1938Plan
165Hart, Philip1982Plan
401Hart, ThomasPlan
852Hay, Anna1914Plan
853Hay, Jane1951Plan
564Hay, Jane Ann1943Plan
481Hayes, H Freida2002Plan
230Haynes, Francis Matilda1955Plan
168Haynes, MargaretPlan
168Haynes, SidneyPlan
896Healy, JosephPlan
19Heggie ?, DavidPlan
19Heggie, Agnes1927Plan
19Heggie, Agnes Lamb1983Plan
19Heggie, David1899Plan
19Heggie, Henry1934Plan
19Heggie, Isabella1899Plan
19Heggie, Joan1916Plan
19Heggie, Maggie1895Plan
422Henderson, Agnes Susan Marie1989Plan
734Henderson, Agnes W1986Plan
896Henderson, AlexPlan
318Henderson, Ann M1962Plan
471Henderson, Annie Agnes Stewart1958Plan
855Henderson, Benjamin M1986Plan
422Henderson, Bessie1955Plan
118Henderson, BobbyPlan
118Henderson, Christina1921Plan

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