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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for K :     There are 99 records.

677Kay, Agnes Anderson1963Plan
404Kay, AlexanderPlan
647Kay, AlisonPlan
647Kay, Ann MargaretPlan
179Kay, Bridget Watson1950Plan
499Kay, David1957Plan
179Kay, Douglas1940Plan
179Kay, John1929Plan
647Kay, JohnPlan
404Kay, Maggie1920Plan
396Kay, Malcolm1980Plan
499Kay, Matilda1954Plan
135Kay, Nance1968Plan
135Kay, Nancy May1977Plan
647Kay, William Bett1975Plan
499Kay, Yvonne Evelyn1986Plan
337Keay, Annie H1965Plan
337Keay, James S1949Plan
43Keay, Jane1960Plan
43Keay, Jeanie1916Plan
43Keay, Joseph1930Plan
43Keay, Joseph Duncan1944Plan
471Keay, Mary1908Plan
176Keddie, Agnes Christina1913Plan
176Keddie, Agnes Mitchell1921Plan
176Keddie, Johan Paterson1921Plan
176Keddie, Robert1892Plan
177Keddie, Roderic James1921Plan
641Keenan, Austin H1957Plan
641Keenan, Blanche1971Plan
641Keenan, Teresa E1964Plan
26Keir, Elizabeth1939Plan
245Keith, Bella1975Plan
449Keith, Isabell1951Plan
222Keith, Jane Simpson1984Plan
449Keith, John1949Plan
449Keith, John1957Plan
449Keith, Mary Kirkcaldy1983Plan
528Kemp, Annie G1971Plan
755Kemp, Fred G1926Plan
755Kemp, Margaret1924Plan
531Kemp, Mary1945Plan
530Kemp, Mary Jane1942Plan
530Kemp, Peter1986Plan
530Kemp, Peter M1943Plan
531Kemp, Thomas1935Plan
2Kennedy, Agnes1923Plan
267Kennedy, Margaret1945Plan
646Kennedy, Mary1971Plan
136Kennedy, Robert W1916Plan

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