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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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333Laing, Elizabeth Keillor1942Plan
312Laing, George A1982Plan
333Laing, Jean KennedyPlan
287Laing, Jemima D1954Plan
312Laing, JoanPlan
312Laing, Joan C1978Plan
333Laing, William Keillor1976Plan
333Laing, William Scott1953Plan
331Lamb, Brian R1939Plan
303Lamb, Jane1932Plan
140Lamb, Mary1959Plan
537Lamont, MargaretPlan
823Landsberg, Jenny1936Plan
896Large, JohnPlan
165Largue, Isabella B1975Plan
3Latto, Agnes1943Plan
3Latto, Agnes1923Plan
90Latto, Agnes1907Plan
246Latto, Agnes (Aggie)1951Plan
246Latto, Arthur1955Plan
3Latto, David1910Plan
4Latto, Ian Norman1939-45Plan
4Latto, Janet1966Plan
4Latto, Janet F1972Plan
91Latto, Jessie Rae1937Plan
4Latto, John1966Plan
4Latto, Margaret Ogg1956Plan
246Latto, Margaret Rae1950Plan
246Latto, Marshall Rae1976Plan
90Latto, William1903Plan
3Latto, William1912Plan
817Law, Elizabeth1930Plan
817Law, Mary Blair1942Plan
716Lawrie, Margaret Maureen2003Plan
716Lawrie, Steven William2017Plan
716Lawrie, Wallace Ogg2013Plan
835Lawson, Anna Campbell Maitland1940Plan
835Lawson, Archibald1955Plan
838Lawson, Betty Sinclair1930Plan
66Lawson, ChristinaPlan
833Lawson, Christina Craigie1948Plan
837Lawson, Daniel1923Plan
833Lawson, David1952Plan
839Lawson, Grace Florence1968Plan
837Lawson, Grace Jane1947Plan
833Lawson, Harold Fergusson1941Plan
754Lawson, Helen CPlan
224Lawson, Helen M1991Plan
838Lawson, James1966Plan
836Lawson, James1900Plan

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