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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for P :     There are 159 records.

391Pae, David1948Plan
393Pae, Margaret1964Plan
391Pae, Margaret Small1959Plan
393Pae, William James1932Plan
180Paisley, Agnes1934Plan
180Paisley, Elizabeth1959Plan
180Paisley, Elizabeth1944Plan
180Paisley, Elliot1967Plan
180Paisley, George William1917Plan
180Paisley, Janet Aird1945Plan
180Paisley, Millicent Clelland1969Plan
180Paisley, William1914Plan
529Parham, Dora A M1958Plan
896Parsons, CharlesPlan
829Passmore, GordonPlan
829Passmore, HelenPlan
829Passmore, Judith Helen1965Plan
569Paterson, Agnes1975Plan
176Paterson, Agnes Mitchell1921Plan
569Paterson, Alfred Ernest1946Plan
355Paterson, Annie1928Plan
460Paterson, BettyPlan
460Paterson, ChristopherPlan
437Paterson, Freda1991Plan
569Paterson, Janes Ernest1942Plan
234Paterson, Jessie Allen1912Plan
437Paterson, John A1982Plan
622Paterson, MollyPlan
437Paterson, Nan Fyfe1974Plan
460Paterson, Roy M A1993Plan
223Paton, Albert W1970Plan
340Paton, Annie Rennie Pearson1952Plan
224Paton, Helen M1991Plan
223Paton, May C1940Plan
126Patrick, Ann1941Plan
126Patrick, Catherine1913Plan
126Patrick, David1936Plan
585Patrick, George1975Plan
585Patrick, George1975Plan
212Patrick, Isabel1937Plan
24Patrick, Jessie Shepherd1920Plan
142Patrick, Marjory B1931Plan
585Patrick, Nora1974Plan
126Patrick, Samuel1903Plan
212Patrick, SamuelPlan
65Patterson, Camilla1936Plan
535Patterson, Elizabeth1958Plan
453Patterson, Helen G1962Plan
453Patterson, John M1947Plan
453Patterson, Robert Lawson1940Plan

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