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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993

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73Robertson, Mary H1914Plan
666Robertson, Mary McTaggart1977Plan
742Robertson, Mary Willock1984Plan
440Robertson, PatriciaPlan
666Robertson, Rev Ian H MPlan
412Robertson, Terry1937Plan
243Robinson, Ellison B1989Plan
744Robinson, Frederick Louis1991Plan
45Robinson, Helen McLeod1978Plan
243Robinson, Jessie M1991Plan
45Robinson, Margaret1961Plan
744Robinson, Mary StewartPlan
243Robinson, Norman K1990Plan
45Robinson, William1946Plan
572Robinson, Winnie1972Plan
536Rodger, BillyPlan
33Rodger, Mary1895Plan
568Roger, Agnes1950Plan
418Roger, Annabella Laing1925Plan
418Roger, Caroline Smith1956Plan
770Roger, Charles R1952Plan
568Roger, George Guthrie1944Plan
418Roger, Gertrude1959Plan
418Roger, Jane Louise1961Plan
194Roger, Jessie1942Plan
418Roger, John Bowman1896Plan
770Roger, Margaret B I1969Plan
418Roger, Thomas1934Plan
63Rollo, Elizabeth Duncan1943Plan
63Rollo, Frank1885Plan
63Rollo, John1923Plan
63Rollo, Margaret1917Plan
22Rollo, Maud Gilchrist1916Plan
22Rollo, Norman McLeodPlan
871Ross, Agnes Frances1938Plan
93Ross, Alexander1901Plan
427Ross, Alice Stewart1932Plan
332Ross, Ann1945Plan
350Ross, Anna1991Plan
599Ross, Bernard1978Plan
383Ross, Edith Mary1959Plan
25Ross, Henrietta M1902Plan
673Ross, Isabella Milne1960Plan
871Ross, J Cameron1971Plan
25Ross, John Rowan1907Plan
673Ross, Martin Anderson Lawson1973Plan
599Ross, Mary Collins1976Plan
93Ross, Sarah1918Plan
322Ross, Stephen1966Plan
871Ross, WilliamPlan

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