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Vicarsford Cemetery - Index of Names on Stones

Stones and Inscriptions recorded in 1992 - 1993, plus a few more recent ones

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Searching for T :     There are 112 records.

598Taiano, AndrewPlan
598Taiano, Janet Paton1976Plan
598Taiano, Sarah JanePlan
256Tait, Agnes1921Plan
256Tait, David1959Plan
256Tait, Elizabeth1900Plan
733Tait, Marah MacfarlanePlan
256Tait, Minnie Ann1970Plan
842Tait, Rev John1896Plan
256Tait, Robert1922Plan
256Tait, Robert1907Plan
842Tait, Susan1903Plan
256Tait, William Raitt1951Plan
545Tawse, Mary Ann Wilson1945Plan
183Taylor, Agnes1944Plan
677Taylor, AgnesPlan
83Taylor, Agnes G M1955Plan
274Taylor, Agnes W1951Plan
231Taylor, Alexander1955Plan
198Taylor, Amelia1904Plan
83Taylor, Ann1973Plan
830Taylor, Archibald Brechin1978Plan
183Taylor, Charles Stark1925Plan
231Taylor, Chourstine C1913Plan
829Taylor, Claude BrechinPlan
134Taylor, David T1918Plan
72Taylor, Eliza1937Plan
134Taylor, Georgina1970Plan
274Taylor, James1940Plan
83Taylor, James G1896Plan
198Taylor, Jane Isabella1934Plan
830Taylor, Jean Boyle1988Plan
176Taylor, Johan Paterson1921Plan
786Taylor, John F M1982Plan
829Taylor, Judith Helen1965Plan
83Taylor, Maggie1907Plan
231Taylor, Margaret1931Plan
83Taylor, Margaret1931Plan
854Taylor, Mary D1947Plan
231Taylor, Mary E G D2000Plan
786Taylor, Mary G1988Plan
134Taylor, Moira E B1938Plan
551Taylor, Rachel H1935Plan
83Taylor, Robert1920Plan
134Taylor, William1946Plan
687Templeton, Andrew1986Plan
687Templeton, Kathleen Sheila1969Plan
838Third, Marjorie Sinclair Stewart1989Plan
761Thom, George Robertson1916Plan
761Thom, Margaret Isabella Jane1932Plan

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