The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Valuation Roll Entries

Source:1885-86 VR
Entry no.:41
Address:Upper Friarton
Proprietor:Reps. of late Mrs Jane Fraser Stewart per Lindsay Howe & Co., WS, 32 Charlotte Sq., Edinburgh
Tenant:David Arnott, farmer
Occupier:James Brand, farm servant; IO
Feu Duty £ s d:
Feu Duty payable to:
Value £ s d:
All subjects other than class 14:
    Deduction from Gross Annual Value:
      Amount £ s d:
    Rateable Value £ s:
Agricultural subjects as regards occupiers:
    Amount of deduction 75%, £ s d:
    Rateable value £ s d:
a, i, or F.T.
Net annual value when different from rateable value £ s d:
Value, Water Act, for house:
Value, Water Act, for remainder:
[Property location:]Location


Source citation:
1885-86 Valuation Roll, Parish of Forgan, Fife, entry 41 ; Index, The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive ( : accessed 4 Jun 2020); Original source: Valuation Rolls, Fife, VR101/31, National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh.

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