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1867-68 dir      There are 214 records.

Adie, Miss, West NewportLocation
Air, Mrs Alexander, Woodbank Cottage, West NewportLocation
Alexander, David, merchant, St Phillan's Place, East NewportLocation
Alexander, Walker, clerk, Ellenbank, West NewportLocation
Anderson, David, corn merchant, Helen Mount, West NewportLocation
Anderson, Mrs Elizabeth, Terrace, West NewportLocation
Arklay, David, shipmaster. King Street, East NewportLocation
Arthur, John, farmer, East NewportLocation
Aufrecht, Louis (Jaffe Brothers & Co.,) Justfield Villa, West NewportLocation
Balfour, Mrs, West NewportLocation
Beckwith, Mrs, Briar Cottage, East NewportLocation
Begg, Mrs Ann, Rosebank Cottage, West NewportLocation
Bell, Archibald, shipmaster, Marybank, East NewportLocation
Berry, John, Esq. of Tayfield; Patron [under Newport Curling Club]LocationLocation (2)
Berry, John, of Tayfield, Tayfield HouseLocation
Berry, John; Representative Member [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Berry, Miss, Abercraig, West NewportLocation
Berry, Mrs, of Tayfield; Patroness [under Newport Curling Club]LocationLocation (2)
Berry, Robert; Representative Member [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Bisset, Henry, tailor, East Newport [?]
Blyth, Mrs, Hillside Crescent, East NewportLocation
Bogie, James (merchant and commission agent, Dundee), Harp Cottage, East NewportLocation
Bogie, Miss, Harp Cottage, East NewportLocation
Boyd, Mrs James, 4 Woodbine Terrace, East NewportLocation
Boyd, Robert (solicitor and notary public, Dundee), Taybank, East NewportLocation
Brand, David, banker, Hillbank CottageLocation
Brown, James, builder, Woodbine Terrace, East NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs Alexander, Ivybank, West NewportLocation
Brown, Robert, East NewportLocation
Brown, William, hotelkeeper and posting establishment, near the PierLocation
Brown, William; Council [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Brown, William; President [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Bruce, Miss, seamstress, Osborne Place, East NewportLocation
Butchart, James, feuar, Greenwood Cottage, East NewportLocation
Calman, David, late shipbuilder, Anchorage Villa, East NewportLocation
Cameron, Alexander, Terrace, West NewportLocation
Carr, Michael S., commercial traveller, Taycliff House, E. NewportLocation
Cathie, Mrs Elizabeth, Hillside Place, East NewportLocation
Cessford, William, West NewportLocation
Chatham, William, dentist, West Newport [?]
Cheine, Miss, 4 St Phillan's Place, East NewportLocation
Christie, Miss, Elmbank, East NewportLocation
Cleghorn, John, flaxspinner, Helen Mount, West NewportLocation
Congleton, Thomas, writer, West Newport [?]
Cramb, David, boot and shoe maker, Castle Cottage, West NewportLocation
Cramb, David, sen., bootmaker. Castle Cottage, West NewportLocation
Cramb, Duncan, bootmaker, Castle Cottage, West NewportLocation
Cunningham, J. (wine merchant, Dundee), Viewbank, E. NewportLocation
Cunningham, Miss Georgina, Osborne Place, East NewportLocation
Dalgleish, D. M. O; Council [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)

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