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1963-64 MacDonald dir      There are 71 records.

Bain, T., James square : GrocersLocation
Barclay, A. A. Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Baxter, B., Newburgh road : Grocers
Beatt & Tait, 48-50 High street. Phone 3172 : ConfectionersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 48-50 High street. Phone 3172 : FruiterersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 48.50 High street. Phone 3172 : GrocersLocation
Betsworth & Barlow. High street : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Bowman, C.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Clydesdale Bank. Ltd., High street : BanksLocation
Collie & Son, Wormit Motor Garage, Wormit : Motor Engineers And AgentsLocation
Combe, David E., 5 High Street. Phone 3146 : ButchersLocation
Combe, Geo. A. C.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Duff D., High street : DrapersLocation
Dundee Savings Bank, High street : BanksLocation
Findlay, W., 14 and 15 Robert street; also confectioner. Phone 2065 : Grocers
Gilruth, A., B.L; Town Clerk [under Town Officials]Location
Grubb, J., Newburgh road, Wormit : GrocersLocation
Hendry, C. R., 9 Robertson place : ButchersLocation
Howieson, R. A.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Jack, J. S., & Sons (Proprietor, George Smith), Union street; plumbers and heating engineers. Phone 3209 : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Janetta, A. & E., Pierhead : ConfectionersLocation
Johnston, W. L. K., Pierhead : NewsagentsLocation
Johnstone's Stores, High street : GrocersLocation
Keith, W., 2 High street : ButchersLocation
Kerr, D., Pierhead : Chemists (Pharmaceutical)Location
Latto. H., Union street : JoinersLocation
Liberal Club, Queen street, East Newport : Clubs
Loutit, J. R., High street. : Fancy Goods DealersLocation
M'Donald, E., Wormit : Coal Merchants
McDougall, R. S.; Chamberlain [under Town Officials]Location
Millar, T., Newburgh read. Wormit : GrocersLocation
Milne & Lowson, Robertson place, East Newport : Fish MerchantsLocation
Moncur, J., St Phillans House and Pierhead. Phone 2210 : PaintersLocation Location (2)
Morton, J. D.; Burgh Surveyor [under Town Officials]Location
Muir, T., Son & Patton, Ltd., 21 High street : Coal MerchantsLocation Location (2)
Myles, J., 12 High street : BakersLocation
Newell, A. C.; Provost [under Town Officials]
Newport, Hotel, Newport-on-Tay. Phone 3203. See advt. : HotelsLocation
O'Hare, C., Robertson place : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Peacock & Co., Wormit : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Proudfoot, G. T.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Riddell, G. S.; Medical Officer Dr. [under Town Officials]
Rio Cinema, St Mary's lane : Cinemas And TheatresLocation
Scott, Frederick; Treasurer [under Town Officials]
Scott, W. R.; Burgh Prosecutor [under Town Officials]
Seth, A., 2 Robert street : Grocers
Seymour Hotel, Tayport road : HotelsLocation
Smith & Kay, Ltd., High street; also at Castle street, Tayport. Phone Tayport, 2123 : Boot And Shoe Retailers And RepairersLocation
Smith, F. M., 32 High street. Phone 3210 : Fancy Goods DealersLocation
Smith, F. M., 32 High street. Phone 3210 : TobacconistsLocation

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