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1942-43 dir      There are 1091 records.

Adams, Mrs George, Ingleside, Crosshill terrace, WormitLocation
Affleck, John, Yewtree cottage, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Aiken, William, 14 Norwood, East NewportLocation
Aitken, Misses, Roseneath, Hillpark road, WormitLocation
Alexander, John H., manager, Kinbank. Bay road, WormitLocation
Allison, Chas. (shipchandler, Dundee), Hilden, Kirk road, West NewportLocation
Allison, James; Prosecutor, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]
Allison, Jas., M.A., LL.B. (solicitor, Dundee), Craiglea, Tayport roadLocation
Allison, Jas., M.A., LL.B., Craiglea, Tayport road : Solicitors.Location
Allison, John M. (shipchandler, Dundee), Alverton, Tayport road, East NewportLocation
Allison, Misses, The Briars, Woodmuir terrace, West NewportLocation
Allison, Mrs Thomas, Vinebank, Tayport roadLocation
Allison, William G., Dalgarth, Westwood terrace, West NewportLocation
Anderson, Alexander, butcher, James square, East Newport
Anderson, Alexander, railway inspector, Stationhouse, West NewportLocation
Anderson, Andrew, stationmaster, Wormit and St Fort; h. Stationhouse, Bay road, WormitLocation Location (2)
Anderson, Frederick, gamekeeper, Tayfield South lodge, Cupar roadLocation
Anderson, James, clerk, Japonica cottage, Newburgh rd., West NewportLocation
Anderson, Miss E. M., Wellgate street, West NewportLocation
Anderson, Mrs A. L., Beechwood terrace, West NewportLocation
Anderson, W. B., Westwood terrace, West NewportLocation
Anderson, W. B., Westwood terrace, West Newport; Hon. Secretary, [under Newport Club]Location
Anderson, William, secretary, 14 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Andrew, Mrs John, Brackenbrae, 3 Tayview terrace, East NewportLocation
Angus, George, water inspector, Ripplebank, Crosshill terrace, WormitLocation
Angus, John, contractor, Eastend, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Angus, Mrs Alice Mary, Cliftonbank, Cupar roadLocation
Archibald, John M. (bookbinder, Dundee), Derby house, 22 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Arthur, Robert, farmer, Craighead, East NewportLocation
Bain, Ian G., Rockmount, Crosshill terrace, WormitLocation
Baird, James, traveller, 10 Mars gardens, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Barlow, John, of Betsworth & Barlow. Robert streetLocation Location (2)
Barrie, Mrs Thomas, Greenbank, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Barry, J. Armstrong (solicitor, Dundee), Gowanbank, Castle brae, West NewportLocation
Barry, J. Armstrong, Gowanbank, Castle brae, West Newport : Solicitors.Location
Barry, J. Armstrong; Depute Town Clerk, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport]Location
Baxter, Mrs Robert A., Tayview, Newburgh road, West NewportLocation
Baxter, Robert, & Co., sack and twine manufacturers, Wellgate street, West Newport
Baxter, Robert, & Co., Wellgate street, West Newport : Sack And Twine Manufacturers.
Beat, Mrs, Cragside, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street : Grocers.Location
Beatt & Tait, grocers and Italian warehousemen, 3 High streetLocation
Beatt, Charles W., of Beat & Tait, The Terrace, West NewportLocation Location (2)
Beatt, David R., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, Pierhead ; Woodend, West Newport
Beatt, David R., Pierhead : Cabinetmakers And Upholsterers.
Beatt, Richard, clerk, The Terrace, West NewportLocation
Behrens, Ernest (merchant, Dundee), Balnacraig, Kirk road, W. NewportLocation
Belford, Douglas J. D. (motor supply merchant, Dundee), Waverley cottage, Scotswood crescent, WormitLocation
Bell, Alexander (clothier. Dundee), Cliftonpark, Birkhill ave., WormitLocation
Bell, Edwin, engineer, 1 Struan street, East NewportLocation

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