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Forgan Kirkyard - The Gravestones

These inscriptions were recorded between 1992 and 1997. Some of the photos were taken at that time but most have been taken within the past 10 years. Since I did the original surveys, weather and time have taken their toll - some of the inscriptions are no longer visible and some stones have fallen face down.

Quite a few photos have still to be taken.


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The Gravestones:

The stone numbers only refer to this website. They are not used anywhere else.

Indistinct characters have been inserted in (round brackets); missing characters are shown by a single dot; longer gaps by a series of 3 dots; editorial additions are inserted in [square brackets]. Most of the inscriptions are on the east side of the stones. Where there are inscriptions on more than 1 side, this is indicated.

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8 PlanIn affectionate remembrance of Katy Thomson the dearly beloved wife of T H Fraser of Newport who died 18 April 1891 aged 40 years; also their twin sons born 29 September 1889 and who died in infancy; above T H Fraser died in Glasgow 9 February 1904 aged 56 years and was interred here; their sons Andrew Seath died in Edinburgh 2 December 1919 aged 36 years and was interred here; Thomas Houston died in London 12 June 1942 aged 66 years. God knows best It's only a little while before.


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