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Forgan Kirkyard - Gravedigger's Book

This is a transcript of the gravedigger's book Record of Interments in Forgan Kirkyard from Whitsunday 1899 to . This book gives date of burial, name, lair number, place of death and fees paid.

Where I have been able to match interments with gravestones, I have added the reference number of the stone and inscription in a column at the end. I was able to draw up a tentative lair plan based on this information which showed that the lairs were numbered as follows: standing at the gate facing south, each row of lairs is lettered from A (at the west wall) to Z (in the east). Each lettered row is then numbered from 1 (at the north wall) increasing towards the south. I have added these 1885 lair letters at the bottom of the plan of the kirkyard.

The writing in the gravedigger's book is sometimes unclear, dates are sometimes missing or incomplete, one date gave the wrong year (let's put this down to poor interpretation of bad handwriting), the spelling is interesting. I have made some editorial additions, other entries are 'as found'.

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DateNameLairDied atFees[stone]
4 May 1901Jane YoungerW3West Wynd, Dundee15/-
3 Jul 1901Jessie KiddW29Poplar Cottage, East Newport12/6
6 Feb 1906Thomas YoungerW4Union St, Dundee17/6
Jun 1910Thomas Kidd Stroock [Sturrock]W26 Kirton Road[stone 178]
22 Oct 1911Henry Stewart RhindW3224 St Georges Sq, Sunderland17/6
24 Oct 1911Margaret HamptonW20King St, East Newport12/6
19 May 1913Thomas Storrock [Sturrock]W26Boldovan5/-[stone 178]
29 Oct 1915Catherine Storrock [Sturrock]W25Victoria Cottage, Newport12/6[stone 178]
28 Feb 1917Alfred HamptonW20Mill Place, Tayport12/6
24 Nov 1921Elizabeth RhindW3124 St George Sq, Sunderland17/6
23 Dec 1940Elizabeth SturrockW25Victarea Cottage, Newport
12 Aug 1899Jane KiddX15Cupar15/-[stone 189]
29 Dec 1903Margaret Christie KiddX14Union St, Newport7/6
19 Apr 1909William WilsonX18Newport12/6
7 Jul 1924David KidX1424 Mains Loan, Dundee12/6
29 Apr 1912Robert WatsonY10Pickletillum, Luchars17/6
1908Mr Fearn - stone erected10/-
1908Stewart - stone erected10/-
1908Mr Rodger - stone erected10/-
1908Charles Fyffe - stone erected10/-
1908Johnston - stone erected10/-

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