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Forgan Kirkyard - Gravedigger's Book

This is a transcript of the gravedigger's book Record of Interments in Forgan Kirkyard from Whitsunday 1899 to . This book gives date of burial, name, lair number, place of death and fees paid.

Where I have been able to match interments with gravestones, I have added the reference number of the stone and inscription in a column at the end. I was able to draw up a tentative lair plan based on this information which showed that the lairs were numbered as follows: standing at the gate facing south, each row of lairs is lettered from A (at the west wall) to Z (in the east). Each lettered row is then numbered from 1 (at the north wall) increasing towards the south. I have added these 1885 lair letters at the bottom of the plan of the kirkyard.

The writing in the gravedigger's book is sometimes unclear, dates are sometimes missing or incomplete, one date gave the wrong year (let's put this down to poor interpretation of bad handwriting), the spelling is interesting. I have made some editorial additions, other entries are 'as found'.

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DateNameLairDied atFees[stone]
12 Oct 1908Mrs KinnisonF20Friarton12/6[stone 46]
22 Aug 1911Donald KinnisonF19Lochmalony17/6[stone 46]
24 Nov 1913Mary BrandF4Forgan Cottages12/6
25 Oct 1916David BraidF24Auchterderran Rd, Lochgelly12/6
11 Feb 1922Jessie Knox Naper [Napier]F6Pickletillum12/6
18 Jan 1928William BrandF2Love Hall, Moniekie
14 Sep 1936Annie JacksonF29Newport
25 Jan 1944Jane Ann BraidFSt Andrews[stone 47]
25 Mar 1948Elspeth Hay Naper [Napier]F10Gibson Hospital, St Andrews
31 Jan 1900Maggie DuncanG1Robert St, East Newport5/-
16 Feb 1901Helen Thomson LowsonG31Woodhaven10/-[stone 54]
17 JunJessie PeeblesG19Comerton12/6
5 Nov 1903(Lowson stone)G31Woodhaven10/-[stone 54]
19 Jul 1904Janet ArthurG4Tayport17/6
9 Mar 1906George D MiddletonG1Figtree Cottage, West Newport7/6
1 Jun 1907May LawsonG32Tayport Terrace17/6[stone 54]
28 Apr 1908William A C MiddletonG2Figtree Cottage, West Newport12/6
15 Jun 1911Jemima BellG15Royal Infirmary; 4 Linden Ave, Newport17/6
20 Feb 1919Melville Murry [Murray]G33Newport12/6[stone 53]
7 Nov 1919Janet Duff Lorimer or BaldyG2Lucklawhill12/6
30 Apr 1920John PeeblesG20Comerton12/6
15 Jun 1927Jane HaigG9East Newport[stone 59]
9 Apr 1928Robina Cheape LawsonG32District Asylum, Cupar
19 Nov 1945James LorimerG336 Ogilvie St, Tayport
30 Aug 1899Leslie stillborn childH1Newton5/-
12 Nov 1900James ElderH3Bridgend, Kinross15/-[stone 70]
10 Mar 1905Janet BirrellH16Ninewells12/6
3 Sep 1906Jessie MalcolmH27Bernard St, Dundee17/6
28 Aug 1909Alexander CunninghamH23Kirktonbarns12/6
24 May 1909Elizabeth Syme LawsonH38Flass Cottages12/6[stone 64]
24 Apr 1913Elizabeth ElderH3Kinross12/6
20 Jul 1917Elizabeth CunninghamH841 Tay St, Tayport17/6[stone 69]
2 Oct 1927Kenneth CunninghamH841 Tay St, Tayport[stone 69]
9 Oct 1900Margaret BeckettI6Ninewells Farm10/-
14 Jan 1901James Peebles [entry deleted]I24Bogearn, Forgan10/-[stone 90]
6 Jan 1902Alexander B SmithI12Hayfield St, Glasgow17/6[stone 72]
4 Sep 1904Isabella HendryI4Blacks Bldgs, East Newport7/6
22 Apr 1907Ann StewartI9Twinkletree Cottage12/6[stone 71]
stone for Ann Stewart[stone 71]
12 Mar 1910Margaret ElderI24Ardvrich, Perth …. 12/6[stone 73]
1913John StewartI8Twinkletree, Forgan12/6[stone 71]
23 Oct 1916Jane JohnstonI26Elim Cottage, East Newport12/6[stone 75]
22 May 1915Hendry SmithI11West Newport12/6[stone 72]
16 Aug 1922Henry JohnstonI26Tay St, East Newport12/6[stone 75]
Mar 1924MacLarenI36Tayfield
13 Jun 1946 [should be 1940]William McLaren
23 Dec [1926]Miss Christina StewartI9Castle Huntly[stone 71]

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