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These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

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Apr 1611 [Synod Minutes] Mr David Lyndesay, former minister of Forgan, seeking repayment of expenses on the manse from his successor Mr Simeon Durie. Committee to look into the matter: the Rector of [St Andrews] University, Jhone Kynneir, the Goodman of Kirktown [either the owner or the tenant] and Mr Joshuah Durie. Synod of Fife p.6
14 Aug 1611 [Synod Minutes] Visitation of the Kirk of Forgund: .. minister Maister Simeon Durie … ; breakers of the Sabbath day to pay xx s. [20 shillings], and if servants break the Sabbath on their master's request then the master shall pay xx s. and the servant is exempt; no Papists nor excommunicates in the parish, nor any resaitteris [resetter, one who shelters them]; no witches nor people consulting them; the minister resides at the manse and has present possession of the glebe; minister's stipend is 6 chalders of victuals … ; burials within the church to be charged 60 lib. but only for those who have an 'ile' of their own - gentlemen to pay 60 lib., the meaner sort such as husbandmen who are 'nocht worth' to pay 10 lib. or more at the discretion of the session; the poor are sufficiently provided for; to improve the provision of the school, every plough in the parish shall pay the schoolmaster 13/4d. and every bairn of the parish shall pay 6/8d. per quarter, strangers from another parish shall pay 20/- or 30/- as the master can get it; Peter Hay of Morton is a parishoner of the Ferrie not of this kirk of Forgund, but because of his age he is permitted to attend this church … Synod of Fife pp.29-30
Sep 1611 [Synod Minutes] Committee reports back about the manse - Mr Simeon Durie is to pay his predecessor Mr David Lyndsay 200 merks. Synod of Fife pp.34-35
20 Oct 1641 [Presbytery Minutes] Inglis in Forgan: Mr David Forrett (minister at Forgan) declared he still hadn't got David Inglis to give obedience to the sentence of presbytery for his consultation with that woman suspect of witchcraft. He is appointed to appear before presbytery the next day. St Andrews Presb., p.3
23 Mar 1642 [Presbytery Minutes] David Ingles appears … acknowleged that what he did in going to that woman was out of ignorance, not thinking it to be such a fault as he now saw it to be and referred himself to presbytery for censure. Presbytery referred him to [Forgan kirk] session. St Andrews Presb., p.5
1648 [Synod Minutes] attending from presbytery of St Andrews …Forgoune - Mr Alex. Weddirburne and Dav. Balfour of Sandfuird Synod of Fife p.156
15 Mar 1649 [Presbytery Minutes] … Helen Swyn in the parish of Forgan … complains that Andrew Patrik of the Galrey [the Gauldry, Balmerino parish] slandered her by saying that she was one of a group of women whom he had encountered last autumn going home while drunk, and is accusing her of witchcraft. The other women include Elspet Seith who is accused of witchcraft. Helen Swyn denies she was there. Patrik says he was in the house of Johne Rikie, tailor in the Galrey … [later Johne Rikie and his wife are described as living in Forgan parish, with Johne Drybro his servant and sister's son] … [There is doubt, on reading the account, whether Johne Rickie lived in Forgan or the Gauldry]. … Thomas Kynneir of Kilmany parish said that Helen Swyn was one of the women. Cupar Presb., p.136 et seq.
21 Nov 1649 [Presbytery Minutes] … after considerable deliberation and questioning over several months … Thomas Kynneir of Kilmany parish appears before presbytery for [stating] something he could not prove - calling Helen Swyn a witch - having nothing for it but that Andrew Patrik had [whispered] it to him. Kynneir is apointed to make publick declaration of his repentance for the slander. [Among the deliberations, Johne Blak is named as a resident of Forgan parish.] Cupar Presb., p.150
7 Apr 1657 [Synod Minutes] attending from presbytery of St Andrews …Forgoun - Mr Alex. Wedderburne and Johne Wilsone Synod of Fife p.177
19 Sep 1666 [Presbytery Minutes] Advice anent witchcraft: Mr John Alexander asks the advice of bretheren what shall he do with one Isobel Key, in the parish of Forgan, suspect of witchcraft and malefices done by her? The bretheren desire that he may give in all that can be said against her in writ, against the next day, and then they will be more clear in giving him their advice. St Andrews Presb., p.85-6
1567 - 1690 [Synod Minutes] List of Ministers of Forgan or St Fillans: Mr John Ure, minister, (1567) - see Leuchars; Mr Andrew Bennet, vicar, 1573; Mr Robert Buchanan, ad March 1590, tr to Ceres June 1599; Mr William Marche, Regent in St Leonard's College, ad August 1599, died 1606; Mr David Lindsay, tr from St Andrews 1606, tr to Leith 1609; Mr Simeon Durie, tr from Ferryportoncraig 1609, tr to Arbroath 1628; Mr Henry Scrimgeour, ad 1628; Mr David Forret, tr from Deninno 1640, tr to Kilconquhar 27 May 1646; Mr Alexander Wedderburn, ad 10 Feb 1647, deposed 1665 (he afterwards accepted the indulgence and preached at Kilmarnock); Mr John Alexander, ad 20 Aug 1665; Mr William Scot, ad 12 Aug 1674; Mr Alexander Sharp, ad 16 Jan 1678; Mr James Strachan, ad 25 Sep 1678, outed 1689; Mr Hugh Kemp, ad 1690, tr to Dunfermline May 1701. Synod of Fife p.206
4 Aug 1695 Given to the schoolmaster for a poor scholar 10/- CH2/160/1 f.1
15 Sep 1695 Sermon preached, collected £2-13-0. [minister Mr Kemp] CH2/160/1 f.1v
15 Sep 1695 Given to John Balfour 7/- [John Balfour is getting 7/- per week] CH2/160/1 f.1v
24 Nov 1695 To ye Bedell as his fial and to buy shoos £8-3-4 CH2/160/1 f.1v
22 Dec 1695 Collected for the bridge of Bervie £5-10-6 CH2/160/1 f.1v
3 May 1696 To James Adamson bedell as his half year's fial to Whitsunday 1696 £3-6-8 CH2/160/1 f.3
30 May 1696 To the schoolmaster to buy coalls £2-10-0 CH2/160/1 f.4
20 Sep 1696 The session allows a quarter pay for James Anderson to be given to the schoolmaster 10/- CH2/160/1 f.4
18 Oct 1696 Left by Alexander Walker tennant in Newtown and Laird of St Fort at his death for the releiffe of the poor of the parish of Forgan of monie £48-0-0 CH2/160/1 f.4v
22 Nov 1696 To a distressed person at Brackmont mill, lying sick yr, who had all his goods taken from him by the French £2-16-0 CH2/160/1 f.5
6 Dec 1696 Alexr. Walker and Ja. Stevinson made elders. CH2/160/1 f.5v
3 Jan 1697 To Robt. Lesly to help to pay his wife's buriall £1-10-0 CH2/160/1 f.6
20 May 1697 To a poor lad to buy a sarke to him 10/- CH2/160/1 f.7v
18 May 1697 Heritors and elders met. A list of the poor: Andrew Baxter, Wm. Mathew, Isabel Imbrie, Effie Clerke, John Ferguson. The meeting appoints the poor children to go through the parish and beg, not certificant if they go out of the parish they will get nothing. The poor of the parish to be maintained by the heritors till further … CH2/160/1 f.8
27 May 1697 The heritors and elders met for providing the poor of the parish after this manner: St Foord a man, Kirktown a man, Enderdovat not, Little Friartown a man, Flas a man. CH2/160/1 f.8
6 Jun 1697 James Adamson and John Martine appointed to search the Waterside on the Sabbath and report which they did, and found at home from the church the persons following: James Wood and his wife, Bessie Imbry, John Blacke and his wife and son, James Covins wife and daughter, David Woods mother and his wife, Jenet Younger, Jenet Cupar, Wm. Oven, Isobel Baxter, John Watson, Effie Bartlet, Thos. Shepherd, Isobel Teres, Wm. Adam, Isabel Wright, Jenet Paton, Alexr. Patrickes woman, and Jean Gilchrist. The session appoints two of the elders to view the east end of the parish and report viz. And. Melvill and David Henderson. CH2/160/1 f.8 & 8v
4 Jul 1697 To James Cruickshank to help him buy a horse £3. CH2/160/1 f.8v
4 Jul 1697 Testificates to / from other parishes for people transferring. CH2/160/1 f.8v
12 Sep 1697 David Kid and Patricke Lawson are appointed to visit the west end of the parish the next Sabbath and give a report. CH2/160/1 f.9v
26 Sep 1697 [reported back, found several people at home from the church - not named] CH2/160/1 f.9v
Oct 1697 Repairs to church CH2/160/1 f.10v
4 Nov 1697 Collected for the relieffe of 9 slaves in Barbary £15 CH2/160/1 f.11
28 Nov 1697 Given to pay for a cloak and breeches to Wm. Mathew, and a pair of breeches to And. Baxter £5-12-0 committed to the care of John Martine to cause make these cloak and breeches and … to give in his report. CH2/160/1 f.11v
26 Dec 1697 Given out for making a suite of cloaths to Wm. Mathew and a pair of breeches to Andrew Baxter £1. Given to John Anderson shoe maker for 2 pair of shoes for 2 poor bairns £1-12-0 CH2/160/1 f.12
1 Aug 1698 [ .. a wife of a soldier ..she gave birth in John Watson's house in Mersyde .. she said she was Jenet Ker, daughter of John Ker and Jenet Young .. she said she was a married woman to one George Hay, 'soldiour in Cronner Maitland's Regiment now in Innerlathy' .. minister not satisfied .. she admitted she wasn't married ] CH2/160/1 f.15
8 Jan 1699 Heritors met. [Provisional] list of poor: Robert Dicke, Agnes Kircaldy, John Paton, Isabel Fairnie, Bessie Cooke, David Gardiner, John Ferguson, And. Patie, Isobel Weems, Jenet Younger ane old woman, Mgt. Allane with 2 children, Mgt. Millar with 1 child, Elspet Lumbsdaine with 3 children, Agnes Imbrie, Wm. Henderson with 3 children, 4 children in Ennerdivot if are not able to travell, 5 children belonging to Patrick Baxter, 4 children belonging to James Clerke and his wife, 2 children belonging to Andrew Baxter, 2 children on Alexr. Walker's ground, these besides several others not listed. Their maintenance is to be by the several heritors proportionally. CH2/160/1 f.17v
26 Mar 1699 Collection for helping to build a bridge on Teviot water £1-11-2 CH2/160/1 f.18
10 Apr 1699 Heritors and elders met. Heritors present: St Foord, Kirktown, Croovie and Morton. A list of the poor: Robt. Dicke, Agnes Kircaldy, John Paton, Isobel Fairnie, Bessie Cooke an old decayed woman, And. Patie with 4 children, Elspet Lumsden with 3 children, Isabel Poustie, And. Baxter with 2 children, 4 children of James Clerks and his wife, 4 children in Enderdivot if are not able to travell, 2 children on Alexr. Walker ground of Patrick Burnets, 5 children belonging to Patrick Baxter, Agnes Mutrie, Margt. Allane with 2 children, Mgt. Millar with 1 child, Wm. Henderson with 3 young children, those besides severalls in the Waterside not listed, David Donaldson with 1 child, 5 children belonging to James Owen, David … George Anderson's wife and 3 children, Isabel Baxter with 3 children, Mgt. Herand with 2 children, Jenet Younger ane old woman, 2 children of Wm. Simmers, Isabel Baxter a lame woman, John Ferguson with 8 children, Isabel Weems a lame woman. CH2/160/1 f.18 & 18v
24 Apr 1699 [Decision to slate the church] - [got] John & Samuel M..esses sclattors in Cupar [to view it and make recommendations] that 2 dozen of double trees be brought in the first place, 40 daills [planks of wood], 2000 and 5 hundreth sclaitts be bought, a chalder of lime stones. It was thought that likewise 10 merks Scots be laid on each 100 libs of valued rent for defraying the charges of the reparation of the church. Given to the 2 sclattors for their travell and pains 14/6. Croovie and Alexr. Walker are appointed to goe and buy the sclaitts and trees. Mr Bruce is appointed collector of all the money deficients for payt. of the reparation of the church and likewise of the present imposition. It was proposed, and sought by the workmen, 9 libs Scots for thicking of each rood, or for thicking and tirring 10 libs Scots for each rood, or 8 libs Scots for thicking and tirring each rood with morning drinke and 4 hours over and above, also 2 libs Scots for sclaite pins fournished by the workmen themselves for each 1000 of sclaite pins. CH2/160/1 f.18v & 19
7 May 1699 The session being informed that many go away in the afternoon from the church to Alrxr. Cupars house and drinks in tyme of the afternoon sermon. Therefore appoints Alexr. Walker and James Stevenson to go the next Sabbath to take a view of the Waterside and make report … CH2/160/1 f.19
21 Aug 1699 The session being informed that there was corn grinding at Hays mill the last Sabbath the bedell is appointed to cit Wm. Greig the millar to the session and Jenet Wat. CH2/160/1 f.21
21 Aug 1699 David Kid and John Martin appointed … to take a view of the Waterside and to take notice of these who absent themselves from church and give in report. CH2/160/1 f.21
7 Sep 1699 Wm. Greig millar at Haysmill being cited, called, compeired, before the session confessed his fault of the breech of the Sabbath day by grinding corn, was rebuked and promised not to doe the like again. Jenet Wat likewise … confessed her fault for breech of the Lord's day … . James Wilky and Isabel Wittit appointed to be cited before the session for the breech of the Sabbath by grinding corn at the miln on Sabbath day. CH2/160/1 f.21
7 Sep 1699 John Martin and David Kid gave report … that they found wholle families at home viz: James Colvell and his wholle familie, Robt. Gardner and his familie, John Watson and his wife, William Gray, John Black and his familie, Isabel Wright all these forenamed … to appear before session next Sabbath. CH2/160/1 f.21
7 Sep 1699 Wm. Patie - breech of Sabbath - grinding at miln. CH2/160/1 f.21b
3 May 1700 Additional elders appointed: Geo. Hay of Morton, David Muir in Woodhaven, John Findlay in East Waterside, Patrick Mylles in Kirktown ground, David Murdoch in St Fort and Wm. Paterson in Flass ground. CH2/160/1 f.22b
6 Jun 1700 To David Wilson a poor man in Pickletillum £1 CH2/160/1 f.23
16 Jun 1700 Apilatione given to Mr Kemp at the church door of Forgan … by the Presbytrie Officer of St Andrews to be minister at Dumfermline … CH2/160/1 f.23
2 Feb 1703 James Nairn ordained Minister CH2/160/2 p.1

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