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Latitude, longitude:      56.422577,-2.900169

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1854 Ordnance Survey Name Book Entry    (originals at ScotlandsPlaces)     (more information on the O.S. Name Books page)

List of names to be corrected if necessaryOrthography, as recommended to be used in the new plansOther modes of spelling the nameAuthorities for these other modes of spelling when knownSituationDescriptive remarks or other general observations which may be considered of interestSource
Church (in ruins)St Fillan's or Forgan Church (Ruins of)Church (in Ruins); Church (in RuinsJames Buist Kirktonbarns; Mr. Smith Parish SchoolUpwards of 1/4 of a mile S.W. of Kirktonbarns farmhouse.A ruin in the centre of Forgan burial ground. It was the parish church till about the year 1838 when it became untenable in consequence of which the present church was built. The [whole of the - deleted] walls are still entire but it is considered that they will not be long so, as the stones of the building are a selling to different persons. This church at one time belonged to the priory of St. Andrews at which time it was called St. Fillans. [Notes: ] "This parish was also anciently called St. Phillans from the church having been dedicated to that Saint" - Leightons Hist. of Fife. "Forgan, alias St. Phillans is the name of the parish on the Communion cups made in the year 1652 it is spelled Forgon." Old Stat. Acct. Vol 16 p.88. "This parish is named Forgan or St. Phillans." (New Stat. Acct. of Fife page 505.) [Added in red: ] From all the written accounts it appears that the old parish church was dedicated to St. Fillan and also that the name in ancient times was applied to the parish. The spelling St. Fillan appears to be the proper mode of spelling as it is spelled so in all the accounts of the saints life also in the writings of Sir Walter Scott and also in the Old Stat. Acct. in referring to the many churches that were dedicated to the Saint.OS1/13/34/23


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Forgan     source: The Place-Names of Fife, by Simon Taylor with Gilbert Markus, University of Glasgow     (see a map of all the placenames in Forgan parish.)


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Old Forgan Church



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1837 Pigot dirNairn, Rev Charles, clergyman, Forganlocation 2
1825 Pigot dirMaule Rev. Alexander, D.D., minister, Forgan Established Church



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