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Plot 206:   Maryton  -  piece of ground  -  lot 26 - 1/4 part

AreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesPlot ID
Marytonlot 26 - 1/4 partpiece of groundon W side of Queen Street(John Jackson)39-41 Queen Street206
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Properties on this plot:

39 Queen Street   41 Queen Street   Shed / Stable Queen Street   unidentified [? part of 41] Queen Street   


Larger plot from which this one is created :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
205Marytonlot 26 (different numbering)2 roodson W side of Queen Street(Charles Jackson)33-41 Queen Street


Larger plot within which this one is contained :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
268Marytonlot 26 - N-most 1/3(John Jackson)37-41 Queen Street


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1887.02089Part of Bruce loan repaidDisch by Helen Bruce, draper 69 Albert St, Dundee daughter of deceased William Bruce, residing Maryfield Dundee, disburd £350 of bond (16 May 1867) for £650 by John Jackson to William & Helen Bruce over
(1) pce grnd 39 feet N-S, in Marytown, : E by Queen St, : W by King St, on which a dwelling house has been built, pt of 2 roods Scots lot 26 of Maryton;
(2) pce grnd 36 pol 22 yd No. 2, : S by Queen St, the SW portion of a field of Seacraig
14 Jun 1887206, 272
1886.00873Ann Jackson to heirs: John Jackson & Catherine Jackson / HorsburghExtract decr sp serv … John Jackson boatman Newport & Catherine Jackson / Horsburgh, spouse of James Horsburgh coal merchant … now Newport, heirs of sister Ann Jackson of
(1) 1/3 piece of ground (of 2 roods) lot 26 … of Marytown;
(2) S-most 1/3 of said piece of ground 'C' : E by Queen Street, : W by King Street, & bldgs t/on
27 Aug 1886205, 206, 268, 270
1878.03475Agreement: north 1/3 to John Jackson, mid 1/3 to Catherine Jackson / Horsburgh, south 1/3 to Ann JacksonMinute of agreement & disp by and between John Jackson boatman Newport, Ann Jackson Newport, and Catharine Jackson / Horsburgh Broughty Ferry (spouse of James Horsburgh), containing
(1) disp by all parties to John Jackson of N-most 1/3, marked 'A' & bldgs t/on, of 2 roods Scots [the whole area], part of Marytown, this N-most portion : E by Queen Street, : W by King Street;
(2) disp by all parties to Catherine Jackson / Horsburgh & James Horsburgh in liferent & fee of middle 1/3, 'B', & bldgs t/on, this middle portion : E by Queen Street, : W by King Street;
(3) disp by all parties to Ann Jackson of S-most 1/3, 'C', & bldgs t/on, : E by Queen Street, : W by King Street;
under exceptions of liferent to Ann Jackson to the bidgs t/on, and 1/4 subfeued to John Jackson
26 Sep 1878205, 206, 268, 269, 270
1878.03423Charles Jackson to Margaret Bruce / Jackson in liferent (ground & buildings); then to Annie Jackson (liferent of buildings); and to Annie, Catherine (Horsburgh) & John Jackson equal thirdsDisp & settlement by Charles Jackson, shoemaker, Marytown containing disp to
(1) spouse Margaret Bruce / Jackson, liferent of pce grnd, 2 roods Scotch, lot 26 & bldgs t/on, : E by a new street called Queen Street, : W by new street called King Street, pt of Marytown (under exception of a 4th part of said ground subfeued to his son John Jackson, boatman, Newport)
(2) on her death to daughter Anne Jackson, while unmarried, liferent of buildings on said land (exception as before)
(3) and to Anne Jackson, Catherine Jackson / Horsburgh (spouse of James Horsburgh coal merchant Ferryport, the granter's youngest daughter), and said John Jackson, equally of said piece of ground (exception as before) & declaring that the part already sub-feued to John Jackson shall be part of his third share …
5 Sep 1878205, 206, 268, 269, 270
1867.01913loan by William & Helen BruceWilliam Bruce & daughter Helen Bruce get bond & disp £650 by John Jackson of pce grnd & ho t/on part of 2 roods of land No. 26 on plan on W side of Queen Street; & lot of 36pol 22yd No. 2 on plan and the SW lot of a field on S side of King Street, Maryton16 May 1867206, 272
1864.02760Dundee Property & Investment Co loan repaidDundee Property & Investment Co grant discharge of bond & disp £75, 25 Sep 1851, by John Jackson, residing Maryton & declare lands etc in Forgan parish disburdened thereof (see vol. 6, 591)27 Aug 1874206
1851.00591loan by Dundee Property & Investment CoDundee Property & Investment Co get bond & disp £75 by John Jackson residing Marytown over 2 roods grnd no 26 on a plan, & dw ho etc t/on on W side of Queen Street, Maryton4 Oct 1851206
1851.00346Thomson loan repaidRobert Thomson grants discharge of bond & disp (11 May 1850) £50 by John Jackson & declares pce grnd on W side of Queen St & dw ho t/on disburdened (see v5, 2889)29 May 1851206
1850.02889loan by Robert ThomsonRobert Thomson gets bond & disp £50 by John Jackson over pce grnd on W side of Queen Street, Maryton & dw ho t/on26 Jun 1850206
1850.02774Charles Jackson to John JacksonJohn Jackson seised pce grnd on W side of Queen Street in Maryton on disp by Charles Jackson11 May 1850206, 205

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded


Names in Sasines:

1887.02089Bruce, Helen
1867.01913Bruce, Helen
1878.03423Bruce, Margaret
1887.02089Bruce, William
1867.01913Bruce, William
1864.02760Dundee Prop & Invest Co
1851.00591Dundee Prop & Invest Co
1886.00873Horsburgh, Catherine
1878.03475Horsburgh, Catherine
1878.03423Horsburgh, Catherine
1886.00873Horsburgh, James
1878.03475Horsburgh, James
1878.03423Horsburgh, James
1886.00873Jackson, Ann
1878.03475Jackson, Ann
1878.03423Jackson, Anne
1886.00873Jackson, Catherine
1878.03475Jackson, Catherine
1878.03423Jackson, Catherine
1878.03423Jackson, Charles
1850.02774Jackson, Charles
1887.02089Jackson, John
1886.00873Jackson, John
1878.03475Jackson, John
1878.03423Jackson, John
1867.01913Jackson, John
1864.02760Jackson, John
1851.00591Jackson, John
1851.00346Jackson, John
1850.02889Jackson, John
1850.02774Jackson, John
1878.03423Jackson, Margaret
1851.00346Thomson, Robert
1850.02889Thomson, Robert


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