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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1906-07       (November 1906 - November 1907)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-6

Elected: George Rollo, Robert Leitch, James Strachan.
Council: Ward 1: James Young, elected 1904, Senior Bailie; Simon Forrest, elected 1905, Junior Bailie; George Rollo, elected 1906. Ward 2: William Carswell, elected 1903, Provost; John Petrie Robertson, elected 1905; Robert Thomson Leitch, elected 1906. Ward 3: William Cowley, elected 1904; William Robertson, elected 1905; James Strachan, elected 1906.
Old Cottage, High Street - request to use it by Working Mens Club.
Gas supply: request by Henry Johnston, joiner, Wormit for 2 cottages he is erecting beyond Wormit Farm - not possible.
Electric lighting - letter from Mr Stewart & plan - not accepted.
Offensive smell at Wormit Electric Station.
December 1906. Deaths of Sir John Leng and Mr W Y Blyth Martin.
Old cottage at High Street - sell it, upset price £50, entry by Whitsunday next, plus demolish and rebuild.
John T Young - additions to buildings fronting on both Boat Road and High Road.
Mortuary suggested at burgh yard.
Old Cottage, High Street - purchased by David Innes Young, baker.
Noise at Wormit from generating engine on main road - Mr Alex. Stewart, present, to sort it out.
Thomas Moffat, baker, Woodhaven - ? refreshment stall at Waterstone Park - similar terms to Mrs Band.
Public convenience to be erected on Braes.
Mr D I Young - erecting shops on site adjoining footpath from High Street to Gas Lane.
Wormit - wires (overhead) from the electric station along the new street in front of Mr David Smith's house and the Newburgh Road to certain cottages beyond the burgh boundary. Mr J Herbert Smith's new house at Craighead is mostly outside the burgh boundary.
Plans: D I Young, baker - shops on north side of High Street.
Main line station at Wormit.
Mortuary to be at west end of burgh yard.
Plans: alterations to St Fillans U.F. Hall, William Street.
Application for a lamp at Fishers Road, Woodhaven [sic] - ?would houses there be likely to take in gas?
Gas lighting included the parish church clock and light at the pier.
Agreed gas lamp at Fishers Road.
New house at Wormit for Mr Henry P Robbie - new street not yet approved by Council - defer.
[Wormit Electric] Noise from suction gas engine - being kept going all night.
Take over new street from Hillpark Terrace / Mount Stewart Road westwards to west boundary of Mr D Smith's feu - 'Viewmount Road'.
Agreed extend gas main 125 yards beyond Wormit Farm steading to Mr Johnston's new cottages.
Gas lamps - some meters to be installed to monitor supply of gas.
William Walker, foreman of burgh staff - ? increase of wages?
Approve new street (continuation of Viewmount Road).
Retiring: J Young, J P Robertson, Wm. Cowley.
Plans approved: house at Wormit - Mr Henry P Robbie.

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