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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1908-09       (November 1908 - November 1909)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-8

Elected: Simon Forrest; James Percy Sturrock; William Robertson, Struanbank - all without polls.
Council: Ward 1: George Rollo, elected 1906, Junior Bailie; James Young, elected 1907; Simon Forrest, elected 1908. Ward 2: Robert Thomson Leitch, elected 1906; Daniel Lawson, elected 1907; J P Sturrock, elected 1908. Ward 3: James Strachan, elected 1906, Senior Bailie; James Coutts, elected 1907; William Robertson, elected 1908, Provost.
Complaint about WC at Mr Moffat's bakehouse, Wormit (Stewart's property).
?Make a playground on part of Mr R Kirk's ground (Seacraig House) in north side of King Street? - too expensive.
Street between Tayview Terrace and Tayport Road (Mr Reoch on east, Mr Husband on west) - state of street - proprietors to put it in order.
Scroggieside Dairy - improvements to be made forthwith.
Burgh Police Court: 6 respectable lads for sledging in Kilnburn (James Street & Shepherd's Brae also dangerous) - practice is widespread. Should I prosecute? Yes. Handbills 'sledging, tobogganing, skating and sliding on the streets are contraventions of the Burgh Police (Scotland) Act 1892'.
March 1909. Resignation of Bailie Strachan. Alexander Lindsay, Seton Brae, Wormit is co-opted. Bailie Rollo moves to Senior Bailie. D Lawson, Kilnburn House becomes Junior Bailie.
Crosshill - not fit to be taken over. Part of Scotswood Cresc. from end of Crosshill to east of Mr Sturrock's feu to be dealt with.
Plans approved: buildings on south side of Newburgh Road, Wormit for Mr John M Patterson, architect T M Cappon.
Fire Brigade - (firemen are local burgh employees)
?Get upper half of field behind Linden Avenue from Mr Berry for a recreation field?
?4 acres of ground at top of Wormit Hill for a recreation field?
New 12-inch water main from reservoir to High Street.
Several ashpits done away with and replaced by bins. Request to remaining proprietors with ashpits to do likewise.
Some privys replaced by WCs.
2 public and 1 private schools in burgh.
N B Railway have land to west of Mr Paterson, Wormit's new house - line of roadway to be improved if land can be got from the railway.
Metalling, kerbing and channelling of many streets.
[Grenada Brae] to be made up; posts put across just north of the entrance to Mr Reoch's coach house, then taken over by Council.
Waterstone Park - agreement ends at Whitsunday 1910. Mr Berry may take part of it for building at an earlier date. 11 acres of Linden Avenue field could be taken over by Council for recreation.
Still trying to get 4 acres at Wormit Hill for recreation.
Linden Avenue field - £3 per acre for 25 years.
Description of different types of tarred road metalling.
Tin cans & newspapers to be separated for recycling.
May 1909. Bank Street - upper end - posts to be erected to shut it off from vehicular traffic in line of Prospect Terrace / Tay Terrace.
Plans approved: dwelling house & motor garage, Union Terrace, J J Johnstone; dwelling house, Castle Road, Dr Montague Rust.
Fire brigade - switchboard at Police Office.
Linden Avenue field - nearly all is off Causewayhead Farm, a little off Inverdovat Farm.
Wormit Hill recreation ground - either perpetual feu at £3 per acre or 25 years lease at £2 15/- per acre: rent for 25 years if Ward 3 members consider it entirely suitable - they do. Fence the ground and create footpath.
Plans approved: alterations to Blyth Hall.
Road from Station Road to Gowrie Hill metalled and rolled on instructions of Bailie Rollo - warning.
Supply of gas to Hill Crescent at request of tenants 10 / 14 - for cooking.
Supply of gas to Electric Station premises, Wormit - stand-by supply of gas to the company's gas engine. Deposit of £5 requested; accounts to be paid monthly ...
Bailie Rollo is against tar macadamising and wanted the old system (without tar) used. Resigned as convener of streets committee.
Poles for Wormit Electric are on the footpath at Birkhill Avenue - to be moved.
September 1909. Listing of owners of properties in Newburgh Road, Wormit, in order.
Council workmen: William Bayne, James Caird, James Brown, Patrick Fay - not now members of fire brigade.
Cars ignoring speed limit.
Overhanging trees - especially in West Newport - depriving highways of air and sunshine.
Retiring: Rollo, Leitch, Lindsay.
William Walker - no longer in fire brigade - told to hand over equipment to new captain of the brigade.
Plans approved: dwelling houses, Union Street, James Tait, builder Newport.

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