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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1927-28       (November 1927 - November 1928)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-27

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: John Thomson Young, no poll. Ward 2: G D Wilson, 6 Albert Crescent, no poll. Ward 3: G Tudhope, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: William Forrest French, elected 1925; Alexander Henderson Smith, elected 1926; John Thomson Young, elected 1927, Junior Bailie. Ward 2: Charles McCulloch, elected 1925; George Scrymgeour, elected 1926; Garnet Douglas Wilson, elected 1927. Ward 3: James Barry Robb, elected 1923, Provost; William Ramsay, elected 1926, Senior Bailie; George Tudhope, elected 1927.
November 1927. Electricity Provisional Order: can't say when a supply will be given to Newport - difficulties over new Central Scotland Electricity Scheme, therefore Fife Electric Power Co. weren't making progress.
Old Pier: congestion at Ferry Pier - certain plans put to Ministry of Transport.
Telephone Row: ? LNER to provide light?
Old Pier referred to as Gas Pier.
Electricity: sooner or later Fife Electric Power will connect up with the Board's main transmission line (Dunfermline to Dundee). Progress was [emphasised] being made towards Newport.
January 1928. Old Pier: Berry offers for purchase: Old Pier & 134 poles (at Gas Lane and behind the Newport Hotel) at 5/- per pole x 20 years purchase: £670; Rental of houses £74-1/- x 15 years purchase £1110; total £1780.
Mr Berry's gardener occupies one house at Gas Lane.
Electricity: presently Ladybank area (January 1928), then Cupar (early 1928), no date yet for Newport.
Mr Cowan, 10 Hillcrest Road, Wormit [Hill Crescent]; D & J Thomson, factors for 7 & 8 Hillcrest Road; - wall repairs.
Bus licences: Johnston Bros., Newport & Tayport service. Other companies mentioned for St Andrews: Clow, Central Garage, Grant.
Resignation of Councillor McCulloch. Co-option of Charles William Buik, Braeknowe.
All ashpits now removed and replaced by ash bins except for 2 mansion houses in West Newport.
15 new building warrants, 9 alterations.
Competition by road buses led to a reduction in train fares on Wednesdays and Saturdays for journeys between Newport and Tayport.
Hillcrest now referred to as Hill Crescent.
Problems over issue of bus licences by county and various burghs.
Suggestion to move financial year end earlier than 15th May - defeated by Convention of Royal Burghs.
Old Pier and land: general approval to purchase.
Muir Son & Patton to let the [old] tunnel at Wormit to Council as a store.
Wormit Electric Lighting Co: permission for underground cable at Bay Road for Mr E W Christie.
The Bungalow, Union Street: not a nice site - shrubs, rubbish, 5 cases of scarlet fever in the past year. Mr Mackay to be asked to clear it up.
Bus stances - All week: east side of Scott Street (for St Andrews buses); east side of Blyth Street (Cupar buses); War Memorial, west side of Tay Street (Tayport buses); east side of Boat Brae above Mrs Cunningham's (Wormit, Balmerino & Newburgh buses); north-west side of Newburgh Road, Wormit, from 20' west of Mount Stewart Road in a south-westerly direction (all buses starting from Wormit).
Bus stances - Monday to Friday: north-west side of Boat Road running east from Smithy Brae and the east side of Boat Brae above Mrs Cunningham's (for all operators, 1 bus at either stance).
Old Pier subjects: Scottish Board of Health want bigger plans before they could state if they qualify for grants. The basin of the harbour is not included in the area for sale.
Bus stances: numerous objections received against Scott Street, Blyth Street and Tayport Road stances - from occupiers and the bus operators. Magistrates have control over the bus timetables and operators.
Mount Stewart Road extension - unsatisfactory.
Several cases of overcrowding of houses - more Council houses required.
Altered scheme of bus stances: all operators to use Boat Road for 1 vehicle each on all 7 days of the week (for any operator entering Newport High Street), in addition to existing stances.
Newport Swimming Gala: 1 September 1928 - ? collection from spectators; Newport & District Pipe Band to play on braes; present prizes at Blyth Memorial fountain - agreed.
Bus stances - Agreed the following: Boat Road, north-west side, from opposite Smithy Brae (for operators via High Street, 1 bus each); east side of Scott Street (St Andrews buses); east side of Blyth Street (Cupar buses); War memorial (Tayport buses); Boat Brae (Wormit, Balmerino & Newburgh buses); Newburgh Road at Mount Stewart Road (all buses starting at Wormit).
Mission Hall: Berry couldn't reconstruct, therefore use as a mission hall must cease i.e. no longer a public building.
Retiring: French, Buik, Robb. Resignation of Bailie Ramsay as a Magistrate.
Mount Stewart Road extension: take over as it was, as a water bound road, with temporary footpaths.

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