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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1935-36       (November 1935 - November 1936)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-35

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Arthur Cram, 3 Prospect Terrace, no poll. Ward 2: George Peattie, Rockville, Beechwood Terrace, no poll. Ward 3: John Wilkie, Balgonie Cottage, Bay Road, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1933; Charles M Hunter, elected 1934; Arthur S Cram, elected 1935. Ward 2: George Scrymgeour, elected 1932, Provost; Thomas Mitchell, elected 1934, Junior Bailie; George Peattie, elected 1935. Ward 3: George R Little, elected 1934, Senior Bailie; William Ramsay, elected 1934; John Wilkie, elected 1935.
17 December 1935. Graham Place declared unfit for human habitation, also appeal against rating amount from John Clark, Graham Place, roll no. 978.
Rubbish dump at Canons: exhausted. Need to change over - refer to farmer.
7 January 1936. Graham Place: resolved to demolish.
Rubbish dump: Northfield Farm - an extension of the dump.
Building sites (from Mr Berry): suggested (1) adjoining gas works - out of the burgh; (2) north-east of Prospect Terrace - means building a new road, so no good. ?What about next to the tennis courts in Cupar Road?
? Golf course? - refer to recreation committee.
Queen Street housing: built by local tradesmen.
Open spaces: desirable to retain as open space the subjects at Pluck-the-Craw & Kempstane, which really formed parts of the banks of the river. ? What price to obtain them?
Allocation of houses at Mars Gardens and Queen Street.
31 March 1936. Demolition order for Graham Place, Newburgh Road; owner Charles Graham, Ashcliffe, West Newport. Ground floor - 2-apt. house, James Will; first floor - 3-apt. house, William Leith; 2nd floor - 4-apt. house, Mrs John Clark; 3rd floor - 1-apt. house Miss Nellie Haynes; at street level - 1-apt. house, Mrs Jane E Coupar; at street level - 4-apt. house, Robert Miller; 2nd & 3rd floors - 5-apt. house, John Dippie; 2nd floor - painter's workshop, Joseph D Keay. (map).
High Street: plant 4 x prunus, 4 x fern-leaf beech trees, with railings, after removal of old trees.
Numbering of houses proposed.
List of rights-of-way.
Letter from Hugh Moncur, Woodhaven Terrace: house required for agricultural worker as one of the houses to be demolished is occupied by an agricultural worker. Worker to be rehoused at Mars Gardens.
Value of Pluck-the-Craw 4/4d. and Kempstane 4/- per pole.
Housing sites: at Woodhaven adjacent to Mars Gardens scheme.
Occupiers at Woodhaven requiring to vacate their properties at 28 May 1936 - Mr Rae, Peter Nicoll, Mrs McIntyre, Andrew Duff, David Dowie, Mrs Margaret Bissett.
Purchase of property at King Street from ex-Provost Young for erection of non-subsidy housing.
Some houses at Mars Gardens built 1931, newer ones in 1935.
Areas for housing: Woodhaven - ground on opposite side of main road from Wormit School where 2 houses had already been condemned.
Pluck-the-Craw & Kempstane: consider the area of ground useless for building purposes.
Building ground, Woodhaven: considered site opposite the school but agreed to feu area adjoining Mars Gardens scheme.
Riverside Cottage demolition: use for levelling up the ground.
Telephone exchange to be built in Union Street - proposed building to be kept in line with north gable wall of St Fillans Church Hall.
Houses unfit and not improvable: (1) Duncan's property, William Street; owner Charles C Duncan; 8 houses, tenants Stewart, Russell, Duncan, Mitchell, Watson, Shearer, Nicoll, Lawson. (2) Seacraig Cottages, James Street; owner Rhind; 2 houses, tenants Fleming, Fearn.
Houses unfit but improvable: (1) Union Cottages, Robert Street, 2 x semi-detached, roll nos. 555, 556; owner Kidd; tenants D Easton, J Smith. (2) Craighead Farm Cottar houses, adjacent to farm buildings, roll no. 523; owner Berry; tenant Mudie. (3) Holly Cottages, Queen Street, 2 x semi-detached cottages, roll 477,478; owner Berry; tenants W Edgar, W Bain. (4) Wormit Farm Cottages, Newburgh Road, 2 x cottar houses, roll 1523, 1524; owner Scrymgeour-Wedderburn; tenants W Brown, J Watson. (5) Riverside Cottages, Riverside Lane, 2 x semi-detached cottages, roll 1066, 1067; owner Miss Jane Just; tenants Misses Millar, Daniel Smith. (6) Den Cottages; owner Berry.
Retiring: Fairweather, Mitchell, Ramsay.
Buildings erected by ex-Provost Young at Boat Road (hall above showrooms).
Albert Crescent: road passed in 1895 but only half was formed. Now intended to form the other half.
Pluck-the-Craw: residents Mason & Gray to be decanted.

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