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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1937-38       (November 1937 - November 1938)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-37

Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1: Charles Matthews Hunter, Clivemont, Linden Avenue. Ward 2: John Thomson Young, Linwood, Linden Avenue; Kenneth C Hayens, Woodlea, Westfield Terrace. Ward 3: George Rain Little, Taybank, Bay Road.
Council: Ward 1: Arthur S Cram, elected 1935; Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1936, Senior Bailie; Charles M Hunter, elected 1937. Ward 2: George Peattie, elected 1935; John Thomson Young, elected 1937; Kenneth C Hayens, elected 1937. Ward 3: John Wilkie, elected 1935, Junior Bailie; William Ramsay, elected 1936; George Rain Little, elected 1937, Provost.
Duncan's property, William Street, and Riverside Cottages: undertaking under sec. 16, 1930 Act.
Proposed golf course: ground south of West Newport station would be suitable - write to St Fort estate.
Royal Buildings: undertaking given.
Den Cottages: unsatisfactory - see Mr Berry.
January 1938. Death of Mrs Wilkie.
Graham Place gable and gable of adjoining building: to be built up by Council.
Craighead Cottages and Holly Cottages: no repairs, tenants still in occupation.
King Street garden ground: crop it, but the land may be required at any time.
Craighead Farm road: private, but to be made passable.
Tom Duncan's house, Newburgh Road: complaint about its condition. Council may try to buy it.
New street at Flass Road scheme to be called Woodhaven Avenue, road to Newburgh Road to be Flass Road as at present.
March 1938. Graham Place site: 2 flower beds and 2 seats (£7-3/-).
Duncan's property, William Street: rehouse temporarily to Woodhaven (6 months) while reconstruction goes on.
April 1938. Death of ex-Provost Barry Robb.
Mr William Duncan, coal merchant, said Woodhaven would be inconvenient for his business - rehouse at King Street if nowhere else.
Tom Duncan's house: difficulties in granting Council a title.
ARP: Mr A S Lawson, Rhufaada - Head Warden.
Steps at Graham Place: common costs, Council proportion is 40%.
Craighead Cottages: not to be used as housing.
No new houses built in 1937, but 3 were converted to flats, and 1 tailor's shop into a house and tearoom. 20 Council houses are being erected at Woodhaven.
Housing: Since the 1930 Act, 16 houses have been demolished; 3 closed; 6 reconditioned; 22 to be reconditioned, but not yet done; 2 to be given closing orders, but not yet done; 7 notices to repair (under sec. 14); 3 with no action yet taken; Total 59 houses.
5 July 1938. Factories and workshops within the burgh: 2 carpet beating factories, 1 blacksmith, 5 joiners, 2 bootmakers, 2 milliners, 2 photographers, 3 plumbers, 4 motor engineers, 3 electricians, 1 baker, 2 upholsterers, total 27.
Unsightly condition of properties demolished under housing acts: not a nuisance, therefore Council has no powers.
Problem of illegal parking on north side of Blyth Street.
Emergency meeting about Mr Duncan's property, William Street: Mr Charles Clark Duncan, solicitor, had been served notice under sec. 16 in November 1936; plans were to be put forward for reconstruction not later than November 1938. Proprietor did not intend continuing with the plans. ?Serve a demolition order? Yes, vacate within 30 days and demolish (27 September 1938).
Dump at Northfield: Mr Ramsay giving up tenancy of farm, his contract with the Council would then expire - see Mr Berry.
Damage to water trough at Cupar Road - install a horse pillar fountain (Lion Foundry, Kirkintilloch).
Retiring: Cram, Peattie, Wilkie.
Altering corner at north side of Flass Road and Newburgh Road: tree would have to be removed, St Fort want £1, this to include the right to the ground to round the corners off.

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