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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1943-44       (November 1943 - November 1944)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-43

Council: Ward 1: Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1936; Arthur S Cram, elected 1938; Thomas Ferguson, co-opted 1940. Ward 2: Kenneth C Hayens, elected 1937, Provost; J Douglas Lawson, co-opted November 1941, junior bailie; John Dunn, co-opted November 1941. Ward 3: William Ramsay, elected 1936; William Buchan Hutton, co-opted November 1940, senior bailie; John D McB Ross, co-opted March 1943.
Council workmen: Henderson, Findlay, Nicoll, Brunton, Smith, McInroy, Leslie.
T Duncan's house: J K Turnbull is superior of the ground on which it is built. He is prepared to gift the superiority rights to the Council on condition it is kept as open space in all time coming. Deferred.
Kerr Street: vacant ground to be exposed to sale on 17 March 1944. Home & Health Dept. authorised purchase if price didn't exceed valuation. Purchase for housing.
T Duncan's house: various points in title to ground & burdens on same are not completely satisfactory. These should be disregarded and Council should accept the gift of the superiority from Mr Turnbull and the gift of the ground from Mr A C Tullis's trustees for purposes of open space. Carried - 11 April 1944.
Kerr Street: purchased at upset price of £200.
Consideration of educational facilities in Newport.
Scout Hall: requisitioned but not suitable for entertainments until improved entrances / exits & use of gallery.
Approval of County Planning Committee of erection of 8 houses at Woodhaven scheme.
T Duncan's house: demolition - ? exercise for ARP rescue & demolition squad?
Salvage competition: Newport v. Tayport. Newport won.
West Hall, Wormit: being used for emergency mortuary purposes.
T Duncan's house valued at £0.
Poor condition of Railway Cottages, Wormit.
Scroggieside right-of-way: strangers are not using the path to get to the beach.
24 Kilnburn: requisitioned, occupied by an evacuee (Mrs Olive Marjorie Brown).
? Sites for erection of temporary houses? Apply for minimum 30, Portal type.
September 1944. Death of ex-Provost Coutts.
14 Queen Street: vacated by Mrs Clark, let to Mrs Nan Kay, 13 Union Street.
September 1944. Relaxation of Fire Guard duties.
Newport School proposed to be downgraded to a primary (by Fife Education Committee) and senior pupils sent to Madras. Council objects. Director of Education to speak to a public meeting.
Death of Rev. Lees, St. Fillans.
Sites for building: notice would be required to allotment holders thereon - King Street & Kerr Street. Kerr Street allotment holders want part of the field behind Prospect Terrace (occupied by Mr Steven, Northfield) as a replacement. Mr Berry has no objection if Mr Steven is willing.
Gas statistics.

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