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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1949-50       (May 1949 - May 1950)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-48

Elected: Ward 1 - Alexander Reid, Brackenbrae, 5 Tayview Terrace; Richard L West, Craighead, Tay Street. Ward 2: John Dunn, Rowanbank, Newburgh Road. Ward 3: Ralph Fyfe Smith, Laurel Mount, Birkhill Avenue.
Council: Ward 1: Leonard Boath, elected 1947; Alexander Reid, elected 1949; Richard Lowry West, elected 1949, senior bailie. Ward 2: J Douglas Lawson, elected 1945; William Smith, elected 1947; John Dunn, elected 1949. Ward 3: J D M Ross, elected 1945, Provost; Thomas J Wishart, elected 1947; R Fyfe Smith, elected 1949, junior bailie.
W R Scott has accepted the post of Burgh Prosecutor.
Ferries: reduction to 1 vessel had resulted in no compensatory payments to season ticket holders by Harbour Trustees.
Closing order, unfit and not capable of being rendered fit at reasonable cost: 1948/49 valuation roll no. 1034, owner Elizabeth Honeyman, Cremona Villa, a dwelling house at Harris Buildings, occupier William Kay, annual rental £11-8-0.
Pleasure boat licences: S P Livie, Dundee; R Robertson, Broughty Ferry.
Ground at Woodhaven: Admiral Lambe wishes the Council to get the ground it wants. £150 for the ground plus £130 for superiority of the ground on which the scouts shed is built. Messrs. Hamilton Bros., Buckie, wished to lease the pier for 5 years - launching targets required by Air Ministry for practice purposes.
Cricket pitch set up at the park (Michael Napper, secretary, Tayside Cricket Club).
To call out the fire brigade, dial 0 and ask for the fire brigade. Convey this information to the public.
Poor condition of Woodhaven football pitch.
Examine costs of electric street lighting.
Railway Cottages, Wormit: proper sanitation and prevention of dampness required.
Electric lighting: 6 lamps to be put at Craighead Road / Crescent.
Mr Robbie, architect, to prepare layout plan for ground east of Craighead Crescent.
Wormit Tennis Club: defunct for some time. Can't contact the old officials.
Proper footpath at Kirk Road: from Braeside to Forgan Street - Council to do the work at proprietors' expense.
Ground at Woodhaven: go ahead with purchase from Fishers Cottage to the entrance to the road at Woodhaven excluding Mr Rankine's house, garden & workshop and Fisher Cottage, but including superiority of Scout shed and Rock House. Subject to lease by Hamilton Bros. - use of pier to launch gunnery targets. Purchase to be made 'for recreational purposes under the Public Parks Act'; includes the foreshore.
Kirk Road footpath: proprietors not in favour, therefore take no action.
Refuse dump at Crosshill Terrace: rats - complaint from H H Geddes, Dunvegan, Crosshill Terrace.
Kay's house at Harris Buildings: to be used as a store.
Resignation of Councillor William A Smith - ill health. Co-option of Alexander Lowson, Rhufaada.
January 1950. Tenancies of housing at Craighead.
Cuthberts Brae: Mrs Glass, Ivybank - footpath opposite her property to be concreted over then taken over by Council.
Demolition of Craighead farmhouse: Mr Berry to get certain fittings.
Library: the small collection in Newport School is quite unsuitable for a place of Newport's size. Refer to Librarian. Take over an ante-room in the Blyth Hall.
Railway Cottages, Wormit: brick-built walls, directly into the soil. Houses at present are 1 room & kitchen. Proposed knocking down the intermediate walls to convert into 3 rooms & kitchen.
War Memorial, Newport: Mills & Shepherd, architects, Dundee to do work to add the World War 2 victims' names - £500.
Retiring: Boath, Ross, Lowson (Ross not seeking re-election).
2 gas lamps at East Queen Street to be converted to electricity.
Ground at Causewayhead presently used as allotments would be required in November 1950 for building, also ground occupied by Mr Steven, Northfield.
Pleasure boat licence: James H Maxwell, Tayport; S P Livie 'The Lass o' Gowrie'.
Path from west end of Linden Avenue to the park in very poor condition - repairs put in order.
Modern drinking fountain to replace the broken older one under the canopy in Tay Street.
Gas statistics.

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