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1891-92 MacDonald dir      There are 65 records.

Anderson, A. M., Pierhead ; watch-maker : MiscellaneousLocation
Anderson, Peter, Pierhead : BakersLocation
Brown, Andrew, 11 High street; ironmonger and general house furnisher : IronmongerLocation
Brown, Jas., Kilburn house : BuildersLocation
Buist, Woodhaven : JoinersLocation
Cameron, Mrs, Robert st. : Milliners And Dressmakers Location
Coyle, Patrick, Newport Hotel ; coach and carriage hirer : MiscellaneousLocation
Doig, W., & Son, 1 High street ; also at 9 High street, and 113 Albert street, Dundee : Chemists And DruggistsLocation
Duncan, James, East Railway station : Coal DealersLocation
Fenton, Wm., Pierhead : Painters And PaperhangersLocationLocation (2)
Ferguson, J., High st. ; greengrocer : MiscellaneousLocation
Ferrier, W., Robert st. : Plasterers And SlatersLocation
Foggo, W., Pierhead : JoinersLocation
Fowlis, John, Gauldry : Boot And Shoe Makers[not in Forgan parish]
Fraser, William, Union st. : Joiners Location (2)
Gibson, Kenneth, William st. ; saddler : MiscellaneousLocation
Goodall, M. W., William st. ; upholsterer : Miscellaneous [?]
Graham, John, Balmerino : Boot And Shoe Makers[not in Forgan parish]
Haggart, Thomas, High st. [sic; should be King St] : Tailors And ClothiersLocation
Hallyburton, Geo., High st. : GrocersLocation
Horsburgh, J., Railway station : Coal DealersLocation
Hotel Bar, Newport ; wines and spirits of the finest qualities : Spirit DealersLocation
Husband, Andrew, Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Jack, James S., Union street; registered plumber and bellhanger : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Johnstone, George, Gauldry : Grocers & Spirit Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
Kay, J., jun., James sq. : GrocersLocation
Latto, David, Tay st. : JoinersLocation[moved from here by this time]
Latto, Kate M., High street; fruiterer and greengrocer : MiscellaneousLocation
Learmonth, J., & Son, High st. : Boot And Shoe MakersLocation
Lowdon, William, Tayfield : BlacksmithsLocation
M'Gregor, David, Tay street : Spirit DealersLocation
M'Intosh, Alex., Union st. : China And Glass DealersLocation[? Is this the correct Alex. McIntosh
Mackay, J., & Son, Pierhead : Painters And PaperhangersLocation
Mackie, David, Tayfield Estate office : BuildersLocation
Mathewson, Oliver, King st. ; dairykeeper : MiscellaneousLocation
Mathewson, Robert : JoinersLocation
Mathewson, Robert, Robert st. ; fruiterer : MiscellaneousLocation
Morrison, M., jun., 2 High st. : ButchersLocation
Morrison, M., sen., 5 Robert st. ; pork curer : MiscellaneousLocation
Murdoch, John, Gauldry : Blacksmiths[not in Forgan parish]
Murray, Mary, King st. : Milliners And DressmakersLocation
Niven, David, & Sons, Pierhead : ButchersLocation
Ramsay, R., Balmerino : Spirit Dealers[not in Forgan parish]
Robertson, A. J., Tay st. : Spirit DealersLocation
Robertson, A., Woodside : BuildersLocation
Robertson, A., Woodside : Plasterers And SlatersLocation
Robertson, D. H. : China And Glass DealersLocation
Robertson, D. H., High st. : DraperLocation
Robertson, David H., High st. : Milliners And DressmakersLocation
Roger, Margaret, King st. : Milliners And Dressmakers [?]

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