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1935-36 MacDonald dir      There are 475 records.

Adamson, H., Wester Friarton [under Farmers]Location
Allison, James; Burgh Prosecutor [under Town Officials]
Barclay, A. A., Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Barry, J. A.; Depute Town-Clerk [under Town Officials]
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone 72 : ConfectionersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone No. 72 : GrocersLocation
Beatt, David R., Pierhead; also funeral undertaker. Phone No. 226 : Cabinetmakers And UpholsterersLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, High st., and Gas Works lane; sanitary plumbers, gas and hot-water engineers. Phone No. 5 : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Birrell, A., Causewayhead [under Farmers]Location
Black, John F.; Gas Manager [under Town Officials]Location
Brebner, J., 11 Robert st. : BakersLocation
Bruce, D., Newburgh road, Wormit : DairykeepersLocation
Burnett, Mrs D., 2 Robert st.; also confectioner : Tea And Refreshment RoomsLocation
Caldwell, J., Osborne place : DairykeepersLocation
Cameron, E., Tayside : Tea And Refreshment RoomsLocation
Chalmers, A., Pierhead : Chemists And PharmacistsLocation
Christie, W. C., Ninewells [under Farmers]Location
Clark, A., Woodhaven, Wormit : GrocersLocation
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. : BanksLocation
Collie & Son, Wormit Motor Garage, Wormit : Motor EngineersLocation
Cram, A. S.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Crichton, A., Pierhead : NewsagentsLocation
Crichton, A., Woodend terrace : GrocersLocationLocation (2)
Doig, W., & Sons, Robertson place; residence, Hillside, East Newport. Phone No. 43 : Chemists And PharmacistsLocationLocation (2)
Don, John James, Newport Smithy : BlacksmithsLocation
Don, Robert R., High street. Phone No. 194 : Motor EngineersLocation
Don, Robert R., High street. Phone No. 194 : Motor GaragesLocation
Dow, J. A., High st. : NewsagentsLocation
Duncan, J., Newburgh rd., West Newport : ConfectionersLocation
Duncan, W., James square : GrocersLocationLocation (2)
Duncan, W., William st. : Coal MerchantsLocation
Durham, Misses, Tay st., E. N. Location
Eadie, James L., Beechwood, Wester NewportLocation
Easson, David, Struan placeLocation
Easson, Mrs, Carron Cot., E. N. Location
Eastham, J. K., 21 Kilnburn, E. N. Location
Edie, M., Scroggieside, Newburgh rd., Wormit : ConfectionersLocation
Edington, Miss, William st.; nurse : MiscellaneousLocation
Edward, W. B., Norwood ter., E. N. Location
Ewing, Alex., 11 Linden ave., E. N. Location
Fairweather, F.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Fairweather, Mrs, St Phillan's place Location
Falconer, L. C., 8 Kilnburn, E. W. Location
Falconer, Mrs, Tay terrace, E. N. Location
Falconer, S. M., 5 Tay terrace, E. N. Location
Farquharson & Sons, Wormit : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Farquharson, G., Rowan Bank, WormitLocation
Fenton. W., Pierhead : PaintersLocation
Ferguson, Misses, 10 Norwood ter., East NewportLocation
Ferguson, Thos., 2 Linden ave., E. N. Location

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