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These inscriptions were recorded between 1992 and 1997. Some of the photos were taken at that time but most have been taken within the past 10 years. Since I did the original surveys, weather and time have taken their toll - some of the inscriptions are no longer visible and some stones have fallen face down.

Quite a few photos have still to be taken.


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The Gravestones:

The stone numbers only refer to this website. They are not used anywhere else.

Indistinct characters have been inserted in (round brackets); missing characters are shown by a single dot; longer gaps by a series of 3 dots; editorial additions are inserted in [square brackets]. Most of the inscriptions are on the east side of the stones. Where there are inscriptions on more than 1 side, this is indicated.

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151 Plan[fallen; inscription from Mitchell] George Buist farmer Orkie, his widow Christian Balangall died October 1834; his daughter Catharine died 22 February 1864; his daughter Margaret died 25 March 1866; John Buist tenant farm of Kirkton Barns for 47 years died Lawpark by St Andrews 10 April 1880 aged 84 years.
152 PlanSacred to the beloved memory of Peter Lumsdaine Ballingall tenant of Newton farm in this parish born 29 April 1850 died 15 June 1879; and of his wife Christina Isabella Syme who died at St Andrews 15 April 1936 in her 88th year. He giveth his beloved sleep.
153 Plan[table stone] Erected by John Bousie in memory of his father William Bousie late tenant in Kirkton Barns who died 4 February 1813 aged .0; Janet Adamson relict of William Bousie died at Comerton Cottage 11 October 1833 aged 74.
154 PlanErected by Mary W Kidd in memory of her husband Alexander Kidd ironmonger Dundee who died 10 February 1866 aged 52 years.
155 Plan[broken face, separated from original stone] Erected in memory of Robert Duncan who ...por... ..6 February 1868 ...d 62 and also hi... Jane Go... who died 23 Ma... aged 78 ye...
156 Plan[fallen]
157 Plan[fallen]
158 Plan1811 Erected by James Patrick in memory of his father Alexander Patrick who departed this life 19 May 1786 aged 54 years; and his brother Andrew Patrick who departed this life 5 December 1810 aged 38 years; and his mother Margaret Adam who departed this life 26 March 1811 aged 73 years.
159 PlanErected by George Kilgour in memory of his father Andrew Kilgour, mason and feuar at Newport, died 22 December 1860 aged 66 years.
160 PlanIn memory of David Mudie Dundee born 5 November 1795 died 7 January 1852, interred in the Houff, Dundee; and of Mary Buist his wife born 22 August 1800 died 27 February 1874, interred here; and their son James Ramsay Mudie died at Newport 13 November 1894 aged 69 years; and of Mary Coupar wife of above James Ramsay Mudie who died at Balmullo 2 December 1898 aged 70 years.
161 PlanErected by George Scott in memroy of his father John Scott feuar of Seggieden hou departed this life 7 June 1806 aged 73 years. MDCCCIX
162 PlanIn loving memory of John Kirby Noakes who died 1 April 1902 aged 71 years; his wife Elizabeth Cecily who died 28 July 1913 aged 70 years; also their daughter Henrietta who died 3 May 1876 aged 7 months; also their son George Vincent who died in action 18 June 1917 at Kurnah, Mesopotamia aged 37 years.
163 PlanIn loving memory of Peter McArthur died 18 May 1904; his wife Katie McIntosh died 30 July 1873 interred in Killin; their daughters Marjory died 3 June 1883 interred here; Jessie died 14 March 1886 interred in Islay; Catherine daughter of the above died 3 January 1933.
164 Plan1841 Erected by David Gibb Marytown in memory of his son James who died 1 August 1827 aged 13 years. Revised by William Gibb in memory of his father the above David Gibb who died 18 May 1863 aged 86 years; also of my mother Margaret White who died 4 January 1864 aged 85 years; also my brother David died 5 December 1864 aged 55 years. The above William Gibb CE died 18 July 1890 aged 79 years; his sister Margaret Gibson Gibb died 30 May 1908 aged 84 years. At rest
165 Plan[flat] D K I T [shield: sword, hunting horn?, 2 animals]. [around the edge] Here lieth David Kay sometime tenant in Cumbertown who died in the month of March 1713 and of his age [broken]. [centre] ... his wife Isboel who died in ... (1740)?
166 Plan[east] This stone was erected by James Kid and Elspet Greig in memory of David Kid their son who died 12 November 1790 aged 14 weeks. [west] James Kid, another son, who died 12 April 1820 aged 28 years is interred here; and James Kid their father who died 4 June 1821 aged 65 years.
167 PlanSacred to the memory of Isabella Millar widow of the late Captain George Scott, Dundee who died 19 August 1880.
168 PlanErected by George Braid, smith, Newton, in memory of his daughter Margaret who died 21 April 1860 aged 5 years 4 months; his father David Braid who died 9 November 1860 aged 68 years; his mother Margaret Wilson who died 7 January 1862 aged 69 years; his daughter Mary who died 12 February 1877 aged 25 years.
169 PlanIn memory of Thomas Phillips who died 5 April 1886 aged 15 years the beloved son of Isaac and Hannah Richards
170 PlanIn memory of John Green, gardener, who died at Newport 22 December 1891 aged 68 years. Deeply regretted. Erected by his employers.
171 PlanIn memory of Elizabeth Bisset born 30 July 1853 died 4 July 1934.
172 Plan[fallen] [upper side] In memory of John Scott who died 15 July 1851 aged 75 years and his wife Helen Melville who died 26 May 1857 aged 78 years; also of their son in law Henry Bisset who died 15 May 1879 aged 58 years and his spouse Elizabeth Knox Scott who died 24 December 1889 aged 73 years; also their daughter Margaret Bisset who died 18 October 1896 aged 38 years; and their son James Henry Bisset who died 6 August 1903 aged 58 years. [underneath; inscription from Mitchell] John Scott shoemaker Seggieden; his son John died 22 April 1823 aged 15 years.
173 PlanSacred to the memory of Rev. Alexander Maule DD who died 28 July 1835 in the 73rd year of his life and 35th year of his ministry in this parish.
174 Plan[east] [symbols] Memento mori 1725 W G K D [west] [anchor] Hear layes William Gilchrist sumtime tenenent in the Waterside of Dundie who died in the year 1725 and of his age 63.
175 PlanErected to the memory of David Arklay, shipmaster, who died at Newport January 1887 aged 69 years; Ann Foreman his wife who died December 1876 aged 59 years; William their son who died 1855 aged 5 years; their daughter Margaret who died 10 December 1920 aged 75 years; their son David who died 24 December 1928 aged 75 years interred at Auchterarder; their daughter Elizabeth who died 9 October 1934 aged 84 years.
176 PlanThis stone was erected by Hellon Mordoch in memory of David Greig her husband who died 27 July 1791 aged 73. William Greig died 16 June 1825 aged 77 years.
177 Plan[east] This stone was erected in memory of Agnes Cunningham spouse to George Scot who departed this life 18 March 1792 aged 32 years. [west] Weep not for me my three children dear I am not dead but sleeping here As I am gone .. that ye be well prep... to follow me.
178 PlanErected in loving memory of William Sturrock died at Newport, Fife 9 December 1898 aged 63 years; his son William Williamson died in infancy; his youngest son Thomas Kidd died at Downfield 17 June 1910 aged 36 years; his grandson Thomas who died the result of an accident 14 May 1913 aged 5 years; Catherine Kidd widow of the above died at Newport 25 November 1915 aged 75 years.
179 PlanErected by Robert Kidd millwright Newport in memory of his wife Elizabeth Smith who died 15 September 1869 aged 63 years; also James Kidd their son who died 16 April 1839 aged 3 years; also Robert Kidd their son who died at Echuea, Victoria, Australia on 23 September 1882 aged 50 years; the above Robert Kidd who died at Newport 29 November 1891 in his 85th year.
180 Plan[east] Here lies the corpse of Katron Patie spouse to Alexander Grieg who died 9 December 1766 aged 44 years. [west] [symbols] Here lyes Isobel Swan spouse to Alexander Greg who died 9 December 1742 aged 26 years. Vive memor cethi
181 PlanA tribute to the memory of Frank J McMillan from the Tay Ferries staff, passengers and friends as a token of respect and esteem during his 40 years faithful service at Newport Pier 17 December 1920.
182 PlanSacred to the memory of memory of Francis Joseph McMillan died 17 December 1920; his son Peter Cran died 17 November 1886; his wife Mary Cran died 15 December 1929; and his son who died in infancy.
183 PlanErected by Duncan Sidey, banker, Dundee, in memory of Jane Hamilton, widow of Denis Hayes Esq, Dublin, who died at Newport 18 October 1869.
184 Plan[column] In memory of George Thoms, merchant, Dundee, died 5 October 1857 aged 56 years; his son George Duncan died 7 May 1863 aged 22 years; his son Patrick Hunter died at Rio de Janeiro 9 March 1870 aged 22 years; his son James Hendry died at San Francisco 25 November 1883 aged 41 years; his wife Elizabeth Watt Hendry died 16 November 1892 aged 73 years; David Scott Fergusson junior, grandson of the above George Thoms died 11 February 1868 aged 8 months.
185 Plan... William ... John William Ferrier who died Nov ... aged one ...
186 Plan[base only, no stone]
187 PlanErected by William Jessiman in memory of his wife Mary Wilson died 16 April 1861 aged 48 years.
188 PlanSacred to the memory of George Wilson who died 30 August 1844; and also of his wife Isabella Gilchrist who died 4 June 1849.
189 PlanErected by Jane Smith in memory of her husband John Kidd died 15 August 1872 aged 50 years; the above Jane Smith died 12 August 1899 aged 75 years.
190 PlanErected by Jane W Bell, East Newport to the memory of her beloved brother Captain Malcolm Bell late of the ship "Lammermuir" who departed this life at Newport 5 October 1869 aged 34 years; the said Jane Wilson Bell died 30 December 1883; their sister Catherine Bell or Livingston died at Newport 14 December 1890 aged 73 years.
191 PlanErected by Catherine Bell, East Newport in memory of her beloved husband Captain Archibald Bell late of the ship "Humber" who departed this life at Newport 31 July 1869 aged 56 years and whose remains are interred here; the above Catherine Bell died at Carnoustie 30 January 1881 aged 74 years; Archibald Bell only son of above died at Broughty Ferry 5 July 1883 in the 33rd year of his age.
192 PlanSacred to the memory of John M Kinnear died 22 November 1865 aged 8 years.
193 PlanBuried beneath this ... the corpse of David Smith sometime resident at Reweberry who departed this life ... day 1769 and of his age 68. He left behind him ... Margaret Tullos and four children who ...
194 Plan[broken] In affectionate remembrance of Jane Bell Guild, wife of Thomas Watters, Parknowe, died 16 October 187(.) aged (5)8. Them that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thess IV 14.
195 Plan[base only] In memory of Alessio Wilson who was accidentally killed 27 April 1878 aged 2 years 7 months.
196 Plan[base only, no stone]
197 PlanIn memory of William McIntosh, William Miln and John Hall aged respectively 12, 13 and 14 years, pupils in the training ship "Mars" who in a fit of waywardness incidental to youth left Woodhaven Pier in an open boat on the stormy morning of 18 March 1871 and were lost on the Gaa Bank within 1 short hour of their sailing. Their remains were recovered and are interred here. Erected by private subscription collected by John Grant, Woodhaven.
198 PlanCarl Grothe born at Hagen, Germany 30 January 1835 died at Newport 31 July 1880.
199 Plan[on edge, face to wall] ... in memory of Robert ... late shipowner who died 30 December ... aged 74 years; also of their ... Robert shipmaster and ... of the brig Constance of ... who died at Gibraltar 17 February 1872 aged 32 years; also sacred to the memory of the above Mary Bell or Tosh who died 3 April 188(.) aged 66 years; and of John Tosh her son who was drowned near the island of ... while on board the Culzean on ... aged 2(.) years; William died 7 February 1885; Archibald died 20 May 1890; Catherine died 21 July 1900; Charles died 29 November 1900. [see also 202 below]
200 Plan[parts of cross only] Thy will be done.

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