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Plot 396:   Kirkton & Mountquhanie  -  estate (various)    (Kirkton & Mountquhanie estate)


This plot:

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
396Kirkton & Mountquhanieestate (various)Kirkton & Mountquhanie estate


Larger plots from which this one is created :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
319Landwardmiscellaneous plot locationsMap for locations only - not an actual sasine plot.


Properties on this whole plot:

Kirkton & Mountquhanie estate


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1895.02000variousGillespie of MountquhanieNov 1895396
1890.06449Kirkton of Forgan / Mountquhanie, etc15 May 1890396
1879.05148loan by Jacobina Ann Dunbar InglisBond £2500 & disp security by David Gillespie of Mountquhanie & Kirkton to Jacobina Ann Dunbar Inglis, Abbotsford Cresc, St Andrews of lands of Kirktoun called the Church lands of Forgund ... in regality of St Andrews, comprehending the town & lands now called Kirkton Barns; lands of Balleidmonth & lands called the Spittle lands of Balleidmonth; lands called Shierlands & lands of Caldhame ( & in warrandice the lands of Sandford, in Barony of Naughton, lands of Wormet, with Mill & Mill lands of same, & salmon fishing of Wormet called Lancraig, & lands of Radairny) all incorporated into the Barony of Balleidmonth (under exception)14 Nov 1879396
1874.03198change of terms of annuityDeed of resttirction by Susan Bethune / Gillespie, consent of her husband David Gillespie of Kirkton & Mountquhanie, disburd of the security of a con of marriage 23 Apr 1840 between them, consent, & sasine in her favour (27 Aug 1840) for liferent annuity £650 payable after the death of David Gillespie over lands of Kirkton called the Church Lands of Forgund in Fife in Regality of St Andrews comprehending the town & lands now called Kirkton Barns etc ... lands of Cauldhame ... (in warrandice - Sandfurd, Wormett - mill & mill lands, & Longcraig salmon fishings ... ) ...21 Apr 1874396
1869.00840David Gillespie to William Heriot Maitland DougallDisp by David Gillespie of Kirkton & Mountquhanie to William Heriot Maitland Dougall of farm of Burnside about 60 acres Scots : E t/p Ferryport to Cupar, sometime pt of entailed estates of Kirkton and others15 Nov 1869229, 396
1840.05040liferent annuity to Susan Bethune / GillespieSusan Bethune spouse of David Gillespie of Kirkton & Mountquhanie seised the lands of Kirkton called the Churchlands of Forgund comprising town & lands now called Kirktonbarns; lands of Balleidmonth & lands called the Spittlelands of Balleidmonth; & lands called Shierlands & Cauldhame; (& lands of Sandford, barony of Naughton; lands of Wormett with the Mill and Mill lands & salmon fishings of Wormett called Langcraig, & lands of Radairny, in warrandice); … others in other parishes … in security of a warrantable liferent annuity of £650; on mar con Apr 184027 Aug 1840396
1829.04885David Gillespie to David GillespieDavid Gillespie, Kirkton as heir to David Gillespie his father, seised lands of Kirkton called Kirklands of Forgund comprising lands called Kirkton Barns; Balladmonth & Spittlelands of Balleidmonth; Shierlands & Coldhame; (lands of Sandford; Wormet with the Mill & Mill lands & salmon fishings of Wormet called Langcraig & lands of Radairny in warrandice); … parish of Logie … Creich … Leuchars … on pr chan. May 182915 Jun 1829396

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   dec - deceased;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded;   rd - road;   ' - feet;   " - inches;

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Names in Sasines:

1874.03198Bethune, Susan
1840.05040Bethune, Susan
1869.00840Dougall, Scotscraig
1840.05040Gillespie of Kirkton/Moun
1874.03198Gillespie, Kirkton
1829.04885Gillespie, Kirkton
1879.05148Gillespie, Kirkton/Mountquhanie
1869.00840Gillespie, Mountquahanie


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