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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1941-42       (November 1941 - November 1942)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-41

Council: Ward 1: Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1936, Provost; Arthur S Cram, elected 1938; Thomas Ferguson, co-opted 1940, junior bailie. Ward 2: Kenneth C Hayens, elected 1937; J Douglas Lawson, co-opted November 1941; John Dunn, co-opted November 1941. Ward 3: William Ramsay, elected 1936, senior bailie; John Wilkie, elected 1938; William Buchan Hutton, co-opted November 1940.
Survey of railings, prior to removal for war purposes.
Polish soldiers: meeting between Council and Polish Officers about actions in event of an air raid or invasion.
Clydesdale Bank give up their office in Wormit.
Paper salvage: use of school children - money to be retained in a joint account for each school until the end of the war.
Mr Matthew Lawson to crop the garden ground at King Street this year as usual.
Front portion of shop at High Street which up to 28 March had been used by local fuel overseer should be taken over by Council at a rent of 7/6d. per week (office & storage accommodation).
Civil defence (Home Guard) for gasworks?
May 1942. Death of William Bayne, a Council workman for 37 years.
June 1942. Death of ex-Bailie Thomas Mitchell. Mrs Kerr is his daughter.
Department of Health decide that Rolleston Hostel should be closed. Edinburgh evacuee children who received attention there would suffer. However there was a lack of domestic help. Hostel had been open for two years. Ladies Committee (Mrs Haynes, Mrs C Graham, Mrs French, Mrs Inglis, Miss Miln) had worked very hard. Rolleston to be used by Department of Agriculture (Scotland) for accommodation of members of the Land Army. Not necessary to requisition the house.
No demand for domestic Anderson shelters.
1 September 1942. Polish machine gun brigade had now left Newport - presented 2 pictures to be hung in Small Blyth Hall.
Gold key used at opening of public park 22 June 1910 was given back to the Council for custody & deposited at Bank.
Schedule of railings to be removed was sent in. It excluded gates, and railings at Newport & Wormit Schools. Objection by Miss McGregor, Alpine Cottage, West Newport - over-ruled.
Beach Road: this is an access road to houses and is not under Council control.
Station Road: vacant tenancy - offer to Andrew Main, signalman, East Newport, whom failing Arthur C May.
Gas statistics.

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