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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1944-45       (November 1944 - November 1945)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-44

Council: Ward 1: Frank Howard Fairweather, elected 1936; Arthur S Cram, elected 1938; Thomas Ferguson, co-opted 1940. Ward 2: Kenneth C Hayens, elected 1937, Provost; J Douglas Lawson, co-opted November 1941, senior bailie; John Dunn, co-opted November 1941, junior bailie. Ward 3: William Ramsay, elected 1936; William Buchan Hutton, co-opted November 1940; John D McB Ross, co-opted March 1943.
Derequisitioning of various unnamed properties.
Allotments: agreed to use of area between Prospect Terrace and the railway, and the area along the unnamed road between Queen Street and the railway bridge to a depth of 50 yards. Tenancy to Council.
Sites for housing: Linden Avenue - after talks about water with Dundee Water Engineer.
County Council to vacate Blyth Hall as First Aid Post.
Sites at King Street & Kerr Street to be used for temporary housing.
Death of Provost Hayens' son - Cpl. Colin Carnegie Hayens, Seaforth Highlanders, on active service in Western Europe, aged 19 and a half.
?Ground adjacent to Netherlea for temporary housing?
The 2 ambulances donated to Newport, AFG445 & FG7622, which had been lent to Fife County Council for ARP purposes, were now being returned to the Town Council. Doctors to be asked for their views as to what to do with them.
Council continuing the fight for Newport school.
Upgrading of gasworks: gasification plant & waste heat boiler.
January 1945. Partial street lighting reintroduced.
Linden Avenue site is not suitable for housing - no water pressure.
Netherlea housing site - Fife County Council planning haven't agreed yet.
21 February 1945. Resignation of Councillor Cram due to illness of his brother.
Temporary housing sites would be ready by early summer. Bailie Lawson suggested Craighead Farm as a site. Farm & steading, about 4 acres with the field on the north-east adding another 3.5 acres. It wouldn't be necessary to destroy the house on the ground or disturb the allotment holders for some considerable time. See Mr Berry.
Co-option of Alfred Claude Newell, 3 Tay Terrace, for Ward 1.
Death of John Strath, retired headmaster, Newport School.
Mr Berry & Dr John Berry both agreeable about Craighead.
Planning: one of the chief needs is water supply to higher ground south & east of Newport.
Mrs Kemp's house, 3 Struan Street - relet to George Henderson, Gas Lane, whom failing Herbert Latto, Maryfield Terrace.
Rose Cottage, Queen Street (Mr C Neil Anderson): repairs required to make it habitable.
Move to acquire Craighead. Go ahead with extra (planned) houses at Woodhaven.
Bank Street to be made up.
Kerr Street site to have 12 Arcon-type houses.
Craighead: southern portion is poultry, farmhouse & buildings; northern portion is ground for the dairy farm & allotments.
Estimates for demolition of house & shelter at King Street.
Evacuees to return home if they have houses - 1 family can go; 2 cannot, so they can remain here.
Removal of temporary water tanks.
Hillman ambulance (Mrs Lawson): couldn't be used as an ambulance - to be sold. Proceeds to Thistle Foundation. Sunbeam ambulance: hasn't been returned yet.
Building licences: (1) Mrs R W Ramsay, Rose Cottage, West Newport - to install electricity - £33-10/-. (2) Mrs Mary J Jack, 11 Kilnburn - to install electricity - £34.
Land Army hostels at Rolleston, Cupar Road and Waterside, Wormit.
Woodhaven housing: 4 x 3 apartments, 4 x 4 apartments. Mr Nelson T Stewart, Newport (of Findlay Stewart & Robbie) is the architect.
Congestion of traffic at Boat Road.
Requisitioned 8 Kilnburn for an evacuee family from London.
Tenders for Woodhaven housing: £9060-18-9d.
? Use of foreshore at Woodhaven Pier as an open space with bathing facilities?
Building licence: convert 8-roomed villa into 2 flats, Mr G Worrall, Hillpark Road.
War Dept. damage at Whitehall Villa, Tay Street.
Install electricity: Miss Moir & Mrs F E Scott, Kilnburn.
Smith Hood Ltd. - repair roof of stable, Union Street.
Resignation of Councillor Fairweather. Retiring: all those co-opted, plus Councillor Ramsay. Therefore elections for 3 places (Ward 1), 2 in Ward 2, and 3 in Ward 3.
Valuation of 7.5 acres at Craighead £950 - compulsory purchase - not what Mr Berry wanted.
Councillor Ramsay has been 21 years as councillor, and the previous 19 years as press reporter.
Gas statistics.

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