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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1946-47       (November 1946 - November 1947)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-46

Elections (gives names of all candidates for first time): Ward 1 - Richard L West, Craighead, Tay Street, 398 votes; Mrs Annie L Snodgrass, 262. Ward 2: Charles W Beatt, The Terrace, Newburgh Road, 317; Mrs Annie D Milne, 92; George H Hepburn, 28. Ward 3: R Fyffe Smith, Laurel Mount, Birkhill Avenue, 375; Alfred Stewart, 74.
Council: Ward 1: William B Edward, elected 1945, senior bailie; Ronald D Morton, elected 1945; Richard L West, elected 1946. Ward 2: John Dunn, elected 1945; J Douglas Lawson, elected 1945; Charles Whitton Beatt, elected 1946. Ward 3: Thomas J Wishart, elected 1945, junior bailie; J D M Ross, elected 1945, Provost; R Fyfe Smith, elected 1946.
House at Prospect Terrace (Mr Newell): not in accordance with original feu charter of ground. Council have no objection.
? Electricity or gas for street lighting?
Mars Gardens: allocation of houses.
Wages: scavengers - £4-10/- per week, burgh foreman - £5-15/-.
Hutted camps at Wormit station: War Department, then Health Department, then Council. Council don't want them.
Mr Kyd, proprietor of ground at Albert Crescent had been asked if he was willing to feu the land for housing. Already under lease to Council for allotments (3 years from January 1947). (Tayside Building Co.)
?Telephone kiosk at Woodhaven scheme? - write to telephone company.
Cost of printing Council minutes is 14/- per page [!] Consider other alternatives.
Road to Boy Scouts hut at Woodhaven Pier is a private road, therefore not lit at Council's expense.
? Add 1939-45 names to War Memorial?
Now 2 families of squatters in the Wormit huts.
Rents: Station Road - 4-apt. £30 per annum, 3-apt. £26; Mars Gardens - 4-apt. £26-10/-, 3-apt. £22-10/-; Queen Street - 3-apt. £22-10/-; Flass Road [Woodhaven Avenue] - 4-apt. £30, 3-apt. £26; Flass Road [Woodhaven Ave] extension (when completed) at similar rents.
? factory huts for weaving - by Mr Cowley, west of Cladach - many objections.
Considered gas supply from Dundee - railway would not take a gas supply pipe in the duct on the bridge.
Cost of snow clearing in the Burgh - £1000.
Shortage of building supplies: Dept. of Health will allow construction of only 30 Craighead houses this year.
? Community Centre ?
Pleasure boat licences: Richard Robertson, 'Linda', James Lorimer & Alexander Lawrence, all of Broughty Ferry, had licences from Dundee Corporation - granted - to ply for hire at the sea beach.
August 1947. Gowrie Wood now in Council's hands. No building ever to take place on the site.
Liberal Club, Kilnburn: complaints from neighbours about state of empty building.
Resignation of Councillor Morton: leave vacancy until election time.
Dr Fekete: research laboratory at Kempstane , and dwelling house.
Resignation of Councillor Beatt (ill health). Councillor Morton elected ad interim to replace Councillor Beatt, this appointment would end at end of October.
Air raid shelters on Wormit school playing field to be removed.
Boy Scouts: now had alternative buildings. ? Council to purchase sheds at Woodhaven?
Retiring: Edward, Morton, Dunn, Wishart, & a vacancy.
Gas statistics.

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