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1908 Tayside Annual      There are 1458 records.

Adams, J.; Committee [under Wormit Rifle Club.]
Adams, James O., calenderer, Drumclog [in Wormit directory]Location
Adams, Mr; Committee [under Wormit Bowling Club.]Location
Adamson, Alex., warehouseman, 8 Hill Street. [in Wormit directory]Location
Adamson, Charles, warehouseman, 8 Hill Ter. [in Wormit directory]Location
Adie, Miss Margaret, Fuchsia Cottage, W. Location
Agnew, Hilary, secretary, Norwood Ter., E. Location
Aitken, James, clerk, 2 Woodbine Ter., E. Location
Aitken, John, ironmonger, Roseneath. [in Wormit directory]Location
Aitken, Miss, Marchmont, Norwood, E. Location
Alexander, Mrs David, St Fillan's Place. Location
Alexander, Siegmund, merchant, Canisbay Lodge, E.Location
Allan, Alf.; Committee [under Newport Boating Club.]
Allan, Thomas, station-agent, West Station, h. Station House.Location Location (2)
Allen, C. B.; Hon. Vice-President, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location (2)
Allen, Chas. B., merchant; Norwood Ter., E. Location
Allen, Chas. jun., Norwood, Newport; Hon. Secretary, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location Location (2)
Allison, D. M.; Wormit School Headmaster, [under Forgan School Board.]Location (2)
Allison, David M. headmaster, Wormit Public School, Hill Crescent. [in Wormit directory]Location Location (2)
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B; Clerk and Treasurer, [under Forgan School Board.]
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B; Hon. Vice-President [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. ]
Allison, James, sail and ropemaker, The Briars, W.Location
Allison, James, solicitor, Prospect Ter., E. Location
Allison, James; Prosecutor, [under Newport Town Council]
Allison, Jas.; Hon. Vice-President, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location (2)
Allison, John L., bank clerk, The Briars, W. Location
Allison, John M., Woodmuir Park.[?]
Ames, Mrs; laundress, The Terrace, W. Location
Anderson, A. M.; Postmaster, [under Newport Post Office, Pierhead.]Location
Anderson, A.M., Newport Photographic Studio [advert p.36]
Anderson, Alex. M., postmaster, photographer, and fancy goods merchant, Pierhead.Location Location (2)
Anderson, Alex., butcher, James Sq.
Anderson, Chas., telephone inspector, Union St. Location
Anderson, Duncan, clerk, Riverview. [in Wormit directory]Location
Anderson, James, builder, Riverview. [in Wormit directory]Location
Anderson, James, chemist, Dundee [advert p.14]
Anderson, L.; Burgh Officer, [under Newport Town Council]
Anderson, Lawrence, hallkeeper, Blyth Hall. Location
Anderson, Lawrence; Hallkeeper, [under Blyth Hall Trustees.]Location
Anderson, Miss Nan, Kilgask; Secretary, [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]Location
Anderson, Mrs David, Ellenmount, W. Location
Anderson, Mrs Mary, Old Granary.Location
Anderson, Mrs Wm., Myrtle Bank. [in Wormit directory]Location
Anderson, Peter, baker [advert p.37]Location
Anderson, Peter, Pierhead. : Bakers.Location
Anderson, Peter. baker, Pierhead.Location
Anderson, Robert, manufacturer, Magask, E. Location
Anderson, Thomas, baker (of Peter Anderson), 15 Kilnburn Place.Location
Anderson, William, retired builder, Scotia Villa., W.Location
Anderson, Wm. A., H.M. Customs, Tay Ter., E. Location

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