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1878-79 dir      There are 498 records.

Frain, Wm. (china merchant, Dundee), Tayview terrace, E. NewportLocation
Fraser, Rev. Thos., Newport Parish Manse, Laurel terrace, E. NewportLocationLocation (2)
Fyffe, James, plumber, brassfounder, gasfitter, and tinsmith, 11 High street ; h. 63 Constitution road, DundeeLocation
Gardiner, Gilbert, farmer, Coultra, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Gardiner, James, landscape gardener, 2 Union terrace, East NewportLocation
Gardyne, Miss, 3 Myrtle terrace, East NewportLocation
Garland, Joseph, shipowner, Wellpark terrace. West NewportLocation
Geddes, Miss, Beulahbank, East NewportLocation
Gibb, Miss, spirit dealer, Tay street. East NewportLocation
Gibb, William, architect, Union street. East NewportLocation
Gibson, Kenneth M., saddler, Viewfield cottage, East NewportLocation
Gillespie, Alexander, Kirktonbarns ; [under School Board Of Forgan]Location
Gillespie, David, Mountquhanie ; Patron [under Newport Horticultural Society]
Glenday, R. A. (merchant, Dundee), Tayview, East NewportLocation
Gordon, James (corn merchant, Dundee), Sylvan house, East NewportLocation
Graham, John, boot and shoe maker, Byers, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Grieve, David, farmer, Scroggieside, BalmerinoLocation
Guthrie, Alexander (spinner, Dundee), Kilnburn villas, East NewportLocation
Halley, David (hacklemaker, Dundee), Woodmuir villas, West NewportLocation
Halley, Francis (hacklemaker, Dundee), Woodmuir villas, W. NewportLocation
Halley, Miss F., Rose cottage. West NewportLocation
Hampton, John, clerk. King street. East NewportLocation
Harris, Alexander, mason. West NewportLocation
Harris, Arthur (auctioneer, Dundee), Elmbank house, East NewportLocation
Harris, Miss, 1 St Phillan's place, East NewportLocation
Harris, Thomas, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, West Newport ; h. Wellbank cottageLocation
Hart, William (accountant, Dundee), Alma house, West NewportLocation
Henderson, Ann, house proprietor, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Henderson, David, toll collector, WoodhavenLocation
Henderson, George, farmer, Coultra, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Henderson, George, grocer, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Henderson, James, & Co., salmon fishers, Gauldry[not in Forgan parish]
Henderson, James, Rocklea, Prospect terraceLocation
Hislop, Andrew, teacher, Osborne place. East NewportLocation
Hislop, James (grocer, Dundee), Bloomfield house, East NewportLocation
Holden, Mrs, Woodmoor, West NewportLocation
Honeyman, Wm. C, literary writer, Maryfield cottage. East NewportLocation
Howe, Charles, Tay terrace, East Newport [?]
Hume, George T. (merchant Dundee), Struan place, East NewportLocation
Hume, Misses, Rosebank, West NewportLocation
Hunter, Robert, architect, Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Hurry, William, baker and confectioner. PierheadLocation
Husband, Andrew, postrunner, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Inglis, Alexander, sergeant of police, King street. East NewportLocation
Ireland, Leitch, & Co., coal merchants. PierheadLocationLocation (2)
Ireland, Mrs George, Taymount, East NewportLocation
Ireland, Thomas (accountant, Dundee), Youngsdale place, E. NewportLocation
Irvine, Misses E. & S., laundresses. The Square, East NewportLocation
Jackson, John, parcel deliverer, Ferries ; h. Woodside, Queen streetLocationLocation (2)
Jameson, John C. (assist, town clerk, Dundee), Carron cottage, E. NewportLocation

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