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Scrimgeour, William (collector of poor rates, Dundee), 5 Prospect terraceLocation
Scroggie, C. A.; Representative Member, [under Newport Curling Club] Location (2)
Scroggie, Charles A. (leather merchant, Dundee), Ardgour, E. NewportLocation
Scroggie, Miss; Ladies' Committee [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club] Location (2)
Scroggie, W. T.; Committee [under Newport Liberal Club]
Scroggie, William T. (secretary, Dundee), Linden avenueLocation
Scrymgeour, Chas. (assurance agent, Dundee), Louise place, High streetLocation
Scrymgeour, Frances A. G. K., journalist, Bruce lodge, East NewportLocation
Scrymgeour, George, Cadzow; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Scrymgeour, George, M.J.I., Cadzow, Old Kirk road, West NewportLocation
Scrymgeour, Miss F.; Temperance Secretary, [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]
Scrymgeour, Mrs James, Bruce lodge, William streetLocation
Sharp, Thomas, Brier cottage, King street, East NewportLocation
Shaw, John, cook, 'Mars' ; h. Robert street, East NewportLocationLocation (2)
Sheach, Miss, 12 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Shepherd, J. W. (merchant, Dundee), Tayview, East NewportLocation
Shepherd, Mrs John, Clydesdale cottages, King streetLocation
Shepherd, William, joiner, St Phillan's placeLocation
Sievwright, J. L., Craiglea, Tayport roadLocation
Sime, Misses, Abertay, East NewportLocation
Slimman, George (lathsplitter, Dundee), Ellenbank, WormitLocation
Small, F. (merchant, Dundee), Rockville, West NewportLocation
Smart, Misses, Greystone, WormitLocation
Smith, A. Henderson, shipmaster, 13 Kilnburn place, East NewportLocation
Smith, D. M. (clothier, Dundee), Woodbine house, King st., E. NewportLocation
Smith, D. S. (silk mercer, Dundee), St Margaret's, East NewportLocation
Smith, D. S., St Margarets; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Smith, D. S.; Executive Committee [under Forgan Liberal Association]
Smith, D. S.; President, [under Newport Bowling Club] Location (2)
Smith, Daniel K. (clothier, Dundee), St Margaret's, East NewportLocation
Smith, David (architect, Dundee), The Shielin', WormitLocation
Smith, David (wine and spirit merchant, Dundee), Mossgiel, WormitLocation
Smith, David M.; [under School Board Of Forgan]
Smith, Harry Kebel (wine merchant, Dundee), Cliffside, WormitLocation
Smith, J. C. (commission merchant, Dundee), 7 Tay ter., East NewportLocation
Smith, J. C., school inspector, Briarlea, Cupar roadLocation
Smith, James Herbert (merchant, Dundee), Whincrag, East NewportLocation
Smith, James S. (merchant, Dundee), 6 Tay terraceLocation
Smith, Mrs William, Taygrove, Tayport road (Telephone No. N. 41)Location
Smith, Mrs, Claremont, WormitLocation
Smith, Mrs, M'Ivor cottage, West NewportLocation
Smith, Robert (commission merchant, Dundee), Taybrae, West NewportLocation
Smith, T. L. (cashier, Dundee), 8 Hill crescent, WormitLocation
Smith, Thomas, farmer, InverdovatLocation
Smith, Thomas, Inverdovat; [under Representative Of The Parish Council Of Forgan For The St Andrews District Committee Of The County Council]Location
Smith, Thomas; Fourth or Landward Ward [under Newport Burgh Parish Council]
Smith, William (organising secretary, Dundee Liberal Association Westbank, WormitLocation
Sommerville, Harold, clerk, 4 Kilnburn placeLocation
Sommerville, Mrs W. F., 4 Kilnburn placeLocation
Soutar, John Macarthur (solicitor, Dundee), Elmbank, West NewportLocation

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